Video Game Science

Discussing science is something I love and one thing I really enjoy is taking a critical look at science in video games!  

The Science of Pokémon: How Far Off Is It? - A Summary of how the science of the Pokémon World matches up with our own.

An Argument for Inorganic Pokémon - Are pokémon based off of objects really so outlandish?

Pokémon Fossil Resurrection - What are the possibilities of bringing back animals and plants from fossils? Are scientists too preoccupied with if they could rather than if they should?

Pokémon Speciation - The Alola region is home to unique forms of well-known pokémon. What does that tell us about adaptation in the Pokémon World?

Ultra Beasts (Research Ongoing) - Bizarre creatures are making their way from another dimension into the Pokémon World. Are multiple dimensions real?


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