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Mattock Ginkgo 

Growing up in Kanto, Mattock (who prefers to be called Matt) was originally from the Unova region. Like many kids, he originally dreamed of traveling the world as a pokémon trainer. When he turned 10 he received his first pokémon, a Charmander, and set out on his journey. However, as he progressed region to region and from tournament to tournament he became jaded on pokémon battling. Although he still enjoys it, he realized he was not as invested in becoming the "very best" like so many others were. Instead, he was more interested in fossils and ancient pokémon. After his league run in Hoenn in 2003 he began to actively pursue paleontology while still continuing to participate in regional leagues, but to a lesser extent. Although he studies fossils, and even has his own team of fossil pokémon, he seems to have mixed feelings on the fossil resurrection process.

His recent return to Unova is his third time stepping foot in the region. His first when he originally lived there and a second time while he researching fossil pokémon in 2010. There are rumors that he had planned on moving to Unova permanently in 2010, however mysterious circumstances led to him leaving. He has returned to Unova again with his family so that he can pursue a position with the Nacrene Museum, but perhaps this is not the only reason.


Ex-Gym Leader and Director of the Nacrene Museum. Lenora specializes in archaeology, although she also has an interest in paleontology. As the museum has grown, however, it has become obvious that more staff is needed. Lenora specifically began looking to hire someone who is more verse in paleontology than she is so she can focus more on her research on the ruins at the Desert Resort as well as Undella Bay. She is currently trying to determine if the cultures that produced these two distinct ruins are somehow related as well as how the ruins of Undella Bay were claimed by the sea.

Lenora is a cheerful person, but serious when it comes to research and battling. Her skill in both fields in impressive and she is renowned for her skill throughout the region. Serving for years as a Gym Leader she decide to retire from the position when her research began to demand more of her time. Despite no longer serving as a Gym Leader, she still specializes in normal type pokémon and will on occasion take part in World tournaments. She is also married to the museum's assistant director, Hawes and she cares deeply for him.


The Nacrene Museum's absent-minded Assistant Director and Lenora's husband. Hawes' background is primarily museum exhibition and design and as such is often side tracked by exhibit maintenance. He's a weird mix of clumsiness and perfectionism. His desire to ensure the museum is exhibiting its artifacts in the best possible way is often undermined by his own mishaps. However, his dedication to the museum and his wife are unparalleled. Most of the day to day operations are maintained by Hawes so that Lenora can focus on her research.

Hawes finds the idea of resurrecting fossil pokémon to be fascinating, which has led him to become a fan of Mattock's battling and he enjoys seeing the fossil pokémon battle. Unlike Mattock, he has no problem with resurrecting any fossils that trainers bring into the museum and is the sole reason why the museum even offers these services. This puts him at odds with Mattock on occasion, despite having a lot of respect for the paleontologist.


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