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Art Update! I'm making stuff again!

Morning everyone! I've been working on making some comics and other digital art for my  Instagram . I plan on doing other stuff besides pokémon, but right now it's mostly pokémon. Be sure to check it out! Here's an uncolored version of my latest comic! I hope you get a laugh out of this the same way I did when I made it!

Scarlet and Violet News: Region, Gimmick, and New Pokémon

Yesterday's "Pokémon Presents" dropped a lot of news on us, but then again the drought of news has been a long one. Any news would have seemed like a lot. Before going into the stream I had hoped we would see the new gimmick and some new regional forms, which we got both. I also assumed we would get the region name, which we did along with a map. Starting in November we will be able to explore the open world region of Paldea. I wonder what the deal is with the big crater in the center? Not much was shown in the way of specific areas within Paldea, but how it will be navigated was. As many suspected, the legendaries are motorcycles. Well, kind of. Miraidon clearly is. Koraidon just sort of runs around everywhere on all fours. Regardless these two function like the bicycle in Sword and Shield as well as having a gliding and mountain climbing mode. Early on in the video eagle eyed viewers caught glimpses of returning pokémon like Deerling and Sawsbuck, which are currently un

Pokemon Presents: August 3rd 2022

A "Pokémon Presents" was officially announced for August 3rd, 2022 at 9am EST. It has been a bit since we've gotten any new Scarlet and Violet news, but this presentation is supposed to include some new information about those games as well as potentially other pokémon games and mobile offerings for the next few months. Personally, my expectations for this presentation are low. However, at this point any news will be awesome. I expect we will probably see a few more new pokémon, possibly including some new regional pokémon. I think we may see some early game towns and get the region name as well. My biggest hope is we see some actual gameplay as well as the new gimmick that will likely be in this game. Part of me hopes they just go back to including Megas, but I really doubt it.  What do you hope to see tomorrow morning? Join in our discussion in my Discord  or drop in on my Twitch stream this Friday !