Hot Take: The Nintendo Switch OLED is Pointless

I know, I know, the Nintendo Switch OLED was announced 3 weeks ago. However, I try to let announcements sink in before I weigh in. I feel like responding immediately may result in more of a knee jerk reaction rather a well thought out response. Well, I've thought about it. The Nintendo Switch OLED model is pointless. 

Bare in mind, I'm not one of those people who was holding out for a "Nintendo Switch Pro." In fact, I wasn't even looking for any new model at all. However, this thing just bothers me. Yea, it's got a bigger screen and more memory, but if it didn't there would literally be no need to swap. It has to have SOMETHING. It doesn't mean that the "something" is that amazing. One could argue the dock having a LAN port will be great for online play, but that's the dock. Nintendo could have just made a new dock for the current model. I can't even say for certain that the OLED dock doesn't work with the original Switch. If it does, I may just buy the dock.

I think my biggest issue is this is likely meant to be seen as the kind of upgrade someone with an original model may move to. I upgraded from a Nintendo DS, to a DSi, to a 3DS because those various new models added new functionality as well as games that could only be played on them. For example, the original DS and DS Lite didn't have an eShop, but then the DSi did. The 3DS played higher quality games. I even moved on to a New Nintendo 3DS, despite the terrible name, since it had higher processing power (and changeable faceplates). Admittedly, that last shift was begrudgingly. I'm not doing that again without a major difference between models. The OLED model adds very little of substance.

The OLED also comes with the major drawback of having to require a system transfer to move over non-cloud save enabled games like Pokémon Sword and Shield. This means you can't trade in your current Switch for the OLED as you need them both at the same time to do a transfer. Sure, I could move all of my pokémon to Pokémon Home and withdraw them later, but I'd still have to make a new save file on the OLED to use them. Regardless, I'd have to say goodbye to all of my items and basically play the whole game again to get back to where I was. No thanks. I'd do that for the fun of it eventually, but I don't want to have to when I've already sunk a ton of time into my current save. It's even worse for Animal Crossing: New Horizons given islands are locked to the Switch itself. Even a system transfer won't move them. 

All and all, I'm not shifting to this thing. If you want a prettier, yet still not 4k, experience then knock yourself out. Nintendo hasn't even fixed the joy-con issue and if you're planning on trading in your current model for this thing, prepare for the heartache of having to start over non-cloud enabled games, sinking your animal island, and experiencing the same drift that all Nintendo Switch models have been plagued by for years. I love Nintendo, but seriously, they can do better and should. 

(UNRELATED: But if you want to bother someone working for Nintendo, pronounce it as "O-LEAD" rather than "O-L-E-D.")


  1. Ok, a *little* hypocritical, but I now have an OLED. I still stand by what I said before. I don't feel it's different enough for me.

    Admittedly, the only reason I even have one is because I traded some guy pokemon cards for his used OLED.


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