Unova Chronicles, Chapter 3: An Old Acquaintance

An Old Acquaintance

Pokémon fossil rejuvenation, a process that has become commonplace over the last couple of decades. What began as something that was done solely for research has become a novelty, with new trainers eagerly wanting to bring back a pokémon from extinction before they've even properly trained a Patrat. The very thought is something I find exceedingly troubling. Although fossils are items, pokémon are living things and should be treated as such. Despite the Nacrene Museum offering fossil rejuvenation services, it seemed like Lenora found my stance and unique position as a fossil pokémon trainer intriguing enough to hire me.

"So do you accept or are you going to keep shaking my hand?" she said, still smiling.

I retracted my hand quickly. "I'm sorry, I'm just surprised... I got the job?"

"Of course, you make a very good point. As much as it is important that we hired someone to care and maintain our fossil exhibits, it was also important that the person who is going to be over the rejuvenation process to also be responsible."

"I see," I said glimly, "so I'm here to clean fossils and test trainers to see if they are ready for the responsibility to train fossil pokémon?"

"Do you accept that?" Lenora asked. "You can't just approve or deny everyone either. You have to truly test them fairly."

I smiled, "Sounds good to me. I accept."

The next three months flew by. Between working on new exhibits and battling trainers behind the Museum who wanted to revive fossils, I was exceedingly busy. However, I had fallen into my dream job. Clean fossils AND stomp children into the ground in pokémon battles? Excellent, and I get paid to do it. I did occasionally find someone I felt could truly accept the responsibility of raising the fossil pokémon they wanted to resurrect, but the probability was lower than 50 percent. Most trainers coming to me had barely even gotten one badge. I assured them that, should they get more badges, they would likely become adept enough with the pokémon they already had that they would soon be ready for the challenge of raising fossil pokémon. Almost everyone accepted this pretty readily, especially when I told them how long it took me to evolve mine. Hawes wasn't completely on board with the number of refusals, but he essentially accepted me as the specialist. Despite how smoothly everything was going, new difficulties were right around the corner and it started with being paged to the museum front desk.

"Prof. Ginkgo," Miranda, the front desk attendant spoke via intercom, "You have a guest at the front desk."

"Oh, is it a fossil rejuvenation request?" I replied.

"No sir, this man said he's an acquaintance of yours and wants to discuss what he thinks is a new fossil pokémon species."

Having visitors come in with fossils they think are new species is nothing new. Most of the time it's a broken Helix Fossil and it just looks weird due to the break. I wasn't prepared for who was waiting for me when I came out of my office. A blonde man with an audacious blue wisp of hair wrapped around his head was tapping furiously at his forearm. His grey long grey coat looked too thick to be appropriate for the weather, and as I got closer I realized he was typing on a small screen made into the coat. As I approached he turned and a subdued grin appeared on his face.

"Colress," I said coldly.

"Mattock! So good to see you! I heard you were the new curator here and I wanted to come discuss an extraordinary find with you. I figured you would be incredibly interested."

I motioned for him to follow me to my office. I caught Miranda's glance from the front desk and she slowly mouthed "Sorry." She obviously could tell how upset I was to see Colress, but she had no idea. Of all the people in Unova I'd want to see walking through the door, Colress was the dead last on the list. We entered my office and I closed the door behind us and took a seat at my desk.

"I thought you were in jail," I said staring him dead in the eyes.

Colress frowned, "Are you not going to offer me a seat?"

I motioned to a seat in front of my desk, but then Colress felt the need to explain his fancy computer coat and how it was better for his coolant flow if he just remained standing. Classic Colress, he just wanted to explain some invention he made that he likely named after himself and one of many reasons I'd rather be locked in my office with a Garbodor.

"Seriously, though. Jail. Should I call someone?" I snickered.

"You don't have to be so cold, Mattock. I had repaid my debt to society. I freely aided authorities in collecting the various Team Plasma operatives that were attempting to still be active in the region on Ghetsis' behalf."

"Did they let you keep the flying boat?" I asked, genuinely I might add, but Colress wasn't having it.

"Enough jokes. I am here under serious circumstances. I'll remind you that, despite not being part of Team Plasma proper, you are not as guiltless as you would like to dilute yourself into thinking," Colress snapped, louder than I would have liked.

"Fine! Geez, calm down. What do you want? I have a feeling you didn't find a new fossil."

"You are correct. I rediscovered an old one," Colress replied. "Given your involvement in the P2 project, I know you are aware of what I am speaking of."

"N shut down P2, and he was right to do so, but the original fossil I found was lost during the first Team Plasma invasion. Your buddy Ghetsis was probably using it as a doorstop. You found it?"

"I did. Despite N shutting the P2 project down, an operative scientist continued the project in secret under Ghetsis's orders. He was the one who took the fossil, as well as the prototype."

I put my head in my hands. I had finally found my dream job. I had moved my wife and daughter to Nacrene as well, and relocating from Kalos wasn't easy. Now, the one part of my past that I had hoped would never catch up to me already had.

"What prototype?" I asked, although I already knew.

"Genesect," Colress said while activating a 3D projector in his palm. "A human modified ancient predator."


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