Melmetal and Master Trainers

As November approaches we've gotten more Pokémon Let's GO information relating to Meltan and some of the Let's GO post-game. In terms of how Meltan is being dealt with in game, it seems to be pretty ingenious. Basically, players have to send pokémon from Let's GO to Pokémon GO to unlock a "Mystery Box" that works like the incense item. For 30 minutes after opening the box Meltan will appear, as seen in the video below.

What is really interesting is how common Meltan is for being a mythical pokémon. Any GO player can catch multiple. Even after the box time limit is up it can be reopened by just sending more pokémon to Let's GO. This is also a benefit to someone who has only one of these two games. If you have Let's GO, but don't want to play Pokémon GO, just find someone willing to send you a pokémon and then catch Meltan and send you one. The opposite is true if you don't have a Nintendo Switch and Let's GO. Just find someone who does and basically "trade" to unlock the Mystery Box in your GO file and then send them a Meltan for their trouble. Finally a reason I can use to coax Pokémon GO players to come to Pokémon League events. It also seems that, if you get enough Meltan, they can evolve or change form into a new pokémon I'm tentatively calling "Meltitan," as seen in the video below. (UPDATE: "Meltitan" has been confirmed to be an evolution. It is called Melmetal, but I still prefer Meltitan. Guess I'll nickname it!)

There have been other little bits of info dropped here and there, but the biggest (in my opinion) relates to the post-game. Let's GO will be introducing "Master Trainers" which specialize in a single pokémon. You can go battle them with that same species of pokémon gaining their title if you beat them. In terms of post-game story, it's not much, but it's a nice little diversion if you want to try to get all 151 titles. I don't know if that will hold my attention for all 151, but I'm certainly going to try to get titles for pokémon I really like. I hope there is a little more to the post-game than this, but likely there won't be.

All and all Let's GO is shaping up like standard remake fare. I'm not seeing anything in these games that are going to be shaking up any formulas any time soon. They do drop a good bit of the standard formula (hold items, breeding, abilities), but as far as I can tell that is exclusive to these games. I wouldn't be surprised if Let's GO became its own line of games that run perpendicular to the style of games we are more familiar with. Although, I have no idea who the starters for a Johto style Let's GO game would be. Maybe the Spiky-Eared Pichu and Togepi?

Nevermind, apparently I know exactly who they should be!


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