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Melmetal and Master Trainers

As November approaches we've gotten more Pokémon Let's GO information relating to Meltan and some of the Let's GO post-game. In terms of how Meltan is being dealt with in game, it seems to be pretty ingenious. Basically, players have to send pokémon from Let's GO to Pokémon GO to unlock a "Mystery Box" that works like the incense item. For 30 minutes after opening the box Meltan will appear, as seen in the video below. What is really interesting is how common Meltan is for being a mythical pokémon. Any GO player can catch multiple. Even after the box time limit is up it can be reopened by just sending more pokémon to Let's GO. This is also a benefit to someone who has only one of these two games. If you have Let's GO, but don't want to play Pokémon GO, just find someone willing to send you a pokémon and then catch Meltan and send you one. The opposite is true if you don't have a Nintendo Switch and Let's GO. Just find someone who do