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Let's GO to the Future - How will Pokémon GO Influence Other Pokémon Games

With the official announcement of Meltan yesterday, conversation continues on how Pokémon GO is going to influence the main series of pokémon games. It's a touchy subject, almost bordering on the polarizing conversations on politics that happen often online. Although there are people in between, the most vocal are people who love Pokémon GO and those who seem to hate it. Of those that seem to hate it, they often cite worries over Pokémon GO watering down the main series of pokémon games. I've touched on this previously when the games were officially revealed, but we have more info now. So far Pokémon Let's GO does appear to be "Pokémon for Beginners." I'm not going to sugar coat the fact that Pokémon Let's GO Pikachu/Eevee are basically a beginners version of a main game. Despite The Pokémon Company referring to it as a main game, it isn't in the context of how fans use the term. This is probably where the confusion partially lies. By TPCi's

Impressions of Meltan

Ah Nutto, I barely knew ye. If you play Pokémon GO, and were playing this weekend during Community Day, you probably were bombarded with a strange new pokémon. Although the pokémon had been leaked by a dataminer earlier in the week, no one expected it to show up in the game proper. However, on Saturday, you can catch as many as your heart desired. The problem? There was zero info for the pokémon, which was named ??? with an equally mysterious CP value. Players were able to catch it, but were then met with a surprise. Rather than registering in the Pokédex, every single one turned out to be Ditto! The question as to what this pokémon was then hit a fever pitch. Was it a new pokémon? Was it a temporary placeholder that accidentally got released into the game proper over a different pokémon? We got our answer minutes ago. It is the new mythical pokémon, Meltan . Up until this point, many fans had taken to calling it "Nutto", combining its hex nut head with its seemingly imp