Pokémon Let's GO - Trailer 2 Thoughts

The Pokémon Company put out a new video this morning showcasing some more of the features present in the new Let's GO Pikachu and Let's GO Eevee games. I have been somewhat interested in the games since their announcement and genuinely relieved that they weren't meant to be the start of a new generation of pokémon games. However, despite not being a new generation it does look like the games will have a lot of new features that were not present in earlier Gen I remakes.

After watching the trailer, I am even more interested in the games. I don't think they will ever make me as excited as I am when new core games are announced, but they will provide a nice little stop gap between their release and the release of the 2019 Gen VIII games. The player and starter customizations have me the most interested. I had assumed, given these are remakes, that there wouldn't be customization since the original Kanto games did not have any either. On the other hand, I really could care less about my "friendly rival." A lot of the older players have expressed their upset feelings over Blue (Green, Gary, whatever) not being the rival. I could care less. However, I'm not interested in yet another semi-nice kid who wants to constantly battle me. I'd even argue that BluGreGary wasn't even super interesting either. I liked Silver. These are all just preferences, though, and having a nice or jerk rival doesn't really affect my personal experience. In the end, my real rivals are real living breathing people and they happen to talk enough crap to make up for Mr. Friendly.


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