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Pokémon Let's GO - Trailer 2 Thoughts

The Pokémon Company put out a new video this morning showcasing some more of the features present in the new Let's GO Pikachu and Let's GO Eevee games. I have been somewhat interested in the games since their announcement and genuinely relieved that they weren't meant to be the start of a new generation of pokémon games. However, despite not being a new generation it does look like the games will have a lot of new features that were not present in earlier Gen I remakes. After watching the trailer, I am even more interested in the games. I don't think they will ever make me as excited as I am when new core games are announced, but they will provide a nice little stop gap between their release and the release of the 2019 Gen VIII games. The player and starter customizations have me the most interested. I had assumed, given these are remakes, that there wouldn't be customization since the original Kanto games did not have any either. On the other hand, I reall