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The Science of Pokémon: Regional Speciation

The Alola region, like other regions, is home to a unique floral and faunal pokémon. However, one aspect that is currently unique to Alola (seemingly) are Alolan regional variations of already well known pokémon. Differences between related pokémon as a whole is not new, like the two formes of Gastrodon (and Shellos). The East Sea and West Sea variations of Gastrodon are unique to the eastern and western portions of Unova respectively. Unlike Alolan formes, the two formes of Gastrodon are not different outside of their physical appearance. Both formes of Gastrodon have the same typing, states, moves, and abilities. This is not the case for Alolan formes, which is why they are so unique. The West Sea Gastrodon (pink and brown) and the East Sea Gastrodon (green and blue). There are different types of speciation events that can result in various subspecies of organisms. In terms of Gastrodon, the two formes are a result of allopatric speciation. Allopatric speciation occurs when popu