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My Trip to Alola

There's a lot of water, but not too much I suppose. Pokémon Sun and Moon have been out for about 3 weeks now. I feel like I can talk about my experiences without spoiling anything for anyone. However, if you ARE worried about spoilers, I'd suggest not reading this further. If you read this and get upset because I spoiled something, that's on you. You've been warned.  My trip to Alola, like with anyone who's gone there in the past month or so, began on Melemele Island. I expected the atmosphere to be a lot like Hoenn, given they are both tropical islands. Although a lot of the topography seemed similar, there was something about Alola that definitely made it stand out as different. That is the island culture and the closeness the natives have with the pokémon, specifically the Tapu. I knew I'd eventually end up going around to catch the Tapu to fill my dex. I wonder how the natives feel about me capturing their guardians? I suppose only time will tell how t