Pokémon Sun and Moon Release Next Week!

With the coming of Pokémon Sun and Moon many already know the entire game, thanks to leaks. For me, this has meant avoiding most of the sites I frequent and even led to me writing less. However, now that we are a week out I will brave the Internet to express my excitement!

Oh dang, I just accidentally checked Serebii...

Say hello to Origami Guy and Bronzong's wife.
So it appears, thanks to Corocoro, we're are getting at least 2 more Ultra Beasts and another legendary(?) that seems to be in a trio with Lunala and Solgaleo. I think the Ultra Beasts are pretty neat. I definitely like them better than UB-02 Absorption (AKA Meathead Mosquito, you can see it and other released Ultra Beasts on the official Sun and Moon site). Design-wise they seem to fit in with what we have previously gotten in legendaries, especially those that are event exclusive. Once you put these guys beside pokémon like Deoxys, Darkrai, Hoopa Unbound, or Volcanion the designs seem pretty on par. This certainly seems to point to Ultra Beasts being a type of pokémon. I think they are likely on the same caliber as the legendary bird trio from Kanto, the legendary beasts of Johto, etc. They don't seem to share design elements like many of the trios do, but then again, they aren't a trio. With these two, we know of as least 5 Ultra Beasts, so not sharing design elements like trios do isn't surprising. We also know there are 2 UB-02s, with the one that shows up being dependent on the version you are playing. Perhaps we are seeing the introduction of a new kind of legendary to further increase the incentive of trading and version choice. So far, luckily for me, I'm happy with the exclusives to Moon. With these two, I'm ok with either, so if they are version exclusive I'll just plop random legends on the GTS to get the one I'm missing from people less enthused on them. The other legendary (or I assume it's a legendary) is this big crystalline guy.

Gigalith... I am your father. Join me and we can rule the universe
as father and son...
Darth Gigalith looks sweet. I will be disappointed when this thing ends up not being Rock and is, instead, some generic end game legend type... like Psychic or Dragon.. but whatever. Corocoro suggests it has some connection to Lunala and Solgaleo, however we again end up with a legend that doesn't share design elements with its buddies. So what does that mean? Likely it means in some future game it will get a forme, or Mega, or Primal, or something that pushes it to the forefront and is touted as its "true forme". However, based on what I'm seeing.. which is just a solid black pokémon with crystal arms, I'm guessing it represents black holes or something. Time will tell. Forward all your questions about this guy to Dialga and Celebi.

UPDATE: So "Darth Gigalith" is called Necrozma and it confirmed my worry that it is just Psychic.. like so many other legendaries before it. I'm not too stoked on it overall. It looks cool, but that's where my interest ends. We'll see where we go from here in future games. I did manage to get a Modest one and I even caught it in a Beast Ball. Now it just has to eventually warrant some reason for me to use it.


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