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Pokémon Sun and Moon Release Next Week!

With the coming of Pokémon Sun and Moon many already know the entire game, thanks to leaks. For me, this has meant avoiding most of the sites I frequent and even led to me writing less. However, now that we are a week out I will brave the Internet to express my excitement! Oh dang, I just accidentally checked Serebii... Say hello to Origami Guy and Bronzong's wife. So it appears, thanks to Corocoro, we're are getting at least 2 more Ultra Beasts and another legendary(?) that seems to be in a trio with Lunala and Solgaleo. I think the Ultra Beasts are pretty neat. I definitely like them better than UB-02 Absorption (AKA Meathead Mosquito, you can see it and other released Ultra Beasts on the official Sun and Moon site ). Design-wise they seem to fit in with what we have previously gotten in legendaries, especially those that are event exclusive. Once you put these guys beside pokémon like Deoxys, Darkrai, Hoopa Unbound, or Volcanion the designs seem pretty on par. This