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The Science of Pokémon: Fossil Resurrection

Time to dig in to  fossil pokémon! Fossil Pokémon have been around since the beginning of pokémon, and I mean that quite literally. They represent the oldest species of pokémon as well as showing up in the first pokémon games. However, a major aspect of fossil pokémon is that their fossil has to be recovered and given to an appropriate scientist to resurrect. During the early 90's, bringing fossils back to life was fresh on people's minds as Jurassic Park came to theaters in 1993. Jurassic Park brings up a few good points as to why one should, or should not, bring extinct animals back to life. Of course, in pokémon a 10 year old child is saddled with that decision, and I doubt very few trainers would be opposed to it given the opportunity. Obviously, in the real world we haven't ever been able to successfully get DNA from a fossil. That's not to say people aren't trying.  It doesn't seem this is the most viable method for bringing back dinosaurs, with other