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The Science of Pokémon: An Argument for Inorganic Pokemon

Fantasy monster or apex predator? One of the biggest arguments I see relating to inorganic pokémon is the general consensus that pokémon that look like inorganic objects are not feasible. However, I wish to present a rather scientific argument as to why these pokémon whose adaptations are inspired by man-made objects make perfect sense. Since the beginning of the franchise, evolution has been an important mechanic.  As I explained in a previous blog , pokémon evolution isn't actually true evolution. Instead, it is a metamorphosis, with juvenile organisms eventually maturing into adults. Not every animal goes through metamorphosis, which explains why some pokémon never "evolve" in the game. That doesn't mean that natural selection, the driving force behind real world evolution, doesn't occur. Natural selection occurs when an organism is born with a random characteristic that makes it better suited to the environment, which leads to them being able to breed

New Pokemon Announcement: Magearna

It's time again to tune up the speculation engine on the old hype train because a new pokemon have been announced! Corocoro has begun leaking online and early this morning  began posting information on the new pokemon Magiana. Well, new to us anyway. Apparently, this pokemon was created by humans 500 years ago. Here's the image from Corocoro that was posted to Serebii as well as some initial information about it. 'Magiana. Its classification is Man-Made Pokémon. Type has yet to be revealed. It was made over 500 years ago, by "human hands". Volcanion is chasing Magiana, only it knows Magiana's secret. The new movie is to be called Volcanion and the Exquisite Magiana.'  As a side note, her height and weight put her around the same size as many of our already known mythical pokemon. Obviously this has fueled speculation as to whether this is a pokemon will see in a game this generation, or if it a leaked pokemon from the next generation. My