Premier Challenge Sceptile Season - October Team KO Analysis

Therian Landorus - A continued threat...
The Sceptile Season Premier Challenges I hosted in October are now complete, so it's time to break down some of the things that were commonly seen the past two weeks. Specifically, I will be breaking down the pokémon commonly seen on teams during the past two tournaments. I am counting every instance of a pokémon appearing on a team as a different entry. That means if Billy showed up with Pikachu on his team in Premier Challenge #1 and Premier Challenge #2, that it will count as two Pikachu. Again, this is how many times a particular pokémon was entered into our Premiers so every additional entry is counted even it is the exact same Pikachu. I will continue to do this for all tournaments I host and compile all of the information until we are done with the 2015-16 VGC season. This particular article will focus on Masters level performance as there was only one Senior and no Juniors in these tournaments, however the data from the Senior player is used and included in the statistics.

A lot of common past VGC staples were seen over the past two weekends. Not surprisingly, Therian forme Landorus continues to be a threat in the VGC format. Landorus - T showed up on 36% of all teams entered. Although not the largest percentage, it is definitely the most entered pokémon of all, with the next highest entry percentage being 27%. If this continues for the rest of the season maybe it should be renamed the Landorus Season rather than the Sceptile Season. Every single Landorus entered knew Rock Slide and Earthquake, and most knew Superpower. The fourth move seemed more variable and up to personal taste. For items, the speed increasing Choice Scarf was the clear favorite, with players deciding to focus more on Attack with an Adamant nature over Jolly and the Choice Scarf making up for it. A full run down is in the chart below. Therian Landorus was present on half of the Masters teams that made it to Top Cut.

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Tied for second place in usage (roughly 27%)  are the VGC staples Thundurus Incarnate and Kangaskhan. Thundurus continues to be a common Prankster abuser in VGC, allowing to to use attacks like Taunt and Thunder Wave with priority and outspeeding other Pranksters like Meowstic. Kangaskhan, on the other hand, is there for the sheer power that comes along with Mega Evolving and it's signature ability Parental Bond. For obvious reasons, 100% of all Kangaskhan were holding Kangaskhanite. Before evolving, all of the Kangaskhan's entered had the Scrappy ability allowing them to hit Ghosts before Mega Evolving. Kangaskhan was also the most common Mega among Masters in Top Cut with it appearing on 75% of all top finishing teams. Turtle Gaming Premier
Champion Bailey G. instead opted for Manectric.

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Tied for third in usage (roughly 23%) are another pair of VGC staples, Aegislash and Cresselia. Despite this, Aegislash wasn't a favorite for top finishing Masters. None of the Masters who made it to Top Cut used Aegislash at all. Cresselia, on the other hand, was on one of the top finishing teams for Masters as well as for the single Senior, Jaylen J. Jaylen won 1st place overall at the first Team KO Premier this year at Starlite Gaming, so it shows that Cresselia is potentially a good choice. All teams that used Cresselia opted for mostly support, grouping moves like Helping Hand, Light Screen,Thunder Wave, and/or Skill Swap with Ice Beam. Ice Beam is obviously meant to help counter Therian Landorus and other common VGC staples with Ice weakness like Thundurus Incarnate or Garchomp. A full run down of all pokémon that commonly appeared in this month's Team KO Premier Challenges can be seen below.

All pokémon who appear in the previous summary appear on three or more team sheets. Pokémon with two or less appearances are not included. Three appearances was chosen as the minimum to potentially remove any pokémon whose usage was inflated simply because someone participated in both tournaments with the exact same pokémon. With the minimum being 1 degree higher than the number of tournaments, this means at least two people would have had made the conscious decision to use it. Additionally, even though the data includes which form of Landorus and Thundurus were, it doesn't include Rotom formes. Forme isn't a required bit of information for team registration, so many didn't include it. The formes for Landorus and Thundurus can be deduced from the ability the player registered, as they change ability when they change formes. Rotom always has Levitate. If forme information is more common for Rotom in the future, it will be included.

More information will be added to this as more tournaments are conducted. The next Sceptile Season Team KO Premier is taking place at Atomacon in North Charleston on November 15th. You can confirm going on the Team KO Facebook event, however you will also need to purchase admission into the convention to participate. There are weekend and daily rates available.


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