More On Being A Good Sport

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This morning I noticed there was a new post by Kotaku showing a Dorkly comic that addresses the "7 Types of Pokémon Players" and it does a good job of spearheading some of the stereotypes that go along with people who play. As always, people in the comments have decided to bash one play style or defend their own. One such conversation does a good job of showing what I currently have the biggest problem with in the community. Someone who places themselves in the competitive "EV Trainer Group" takes the opportunity to point out that people who are in the "Play for Fun" group are smug. While I don't deny that some are, the way he explains himself shows exactly how smug he is:
"Oh, you actually put thought and effort into your team? Well isn't that nice. Yeah, I just play for fun."
This statement seethes with smugness on its own. By saying this, he is insinuating that anyone who plays for fun puts no thought or effort into their team. I personally take offense to this as even though I don't always use top tier pokémon, I do put a lot of effort breeding and EVing my pokémon. I find using unexpected pokémon is fun for me, so I'm playing for fun. Most players, like myself, likely fit into several categories. I have story teams of pokémon I just caught to beat the game that aren't EV trained. I have a ton of shinies I just caught and raised, despite them not being perfect. I also have fun teams and competitive teams.

Being a jerk is being a jerk, I don't care what side you're on. If you can't be a good sport, then I want nothing to do with you. I don't know when "fun" became a bad word, nor do I know when "competitive" did either. Someone, somewhere, decided to be a jerk to somebody for having a different way of doing things and people like "Tygore" continue to perpetuate it.


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