Animal Crossing: New Leaf Patterns

Animal Crossing has been around a while, and is a very fun game to play. What is one of the coolest aspects is that there are several Nintendo themed items which come from various other Nintendo franchises. Oddly enough, Pokémon is not featured in the game.
Modern Furniture matches up great with Black and
White themed patterns!

Well, Team KO is here to fix that! We have been working to make Pokémon themed patterns. Using these patterns, you can Pokémon up your town. These include artwork for your walls, tee shirts, furniture patterns, and cosplay outfits.

These patterns are being posted to the Team KO Facebook Page and more will be added routinely. If you develop any pokémon patterns you would like to share, just post them to the Team KO page. Also, if you want to visit the Team KO Animal Crossing town (Rustboro), just go to the Dream Suite and use the following address: 5300-2213-5601. By going to the Team KO town, you can download whatever patterns are currently being developed to be made into QR codes. Just look for Wendell the Walrus to download them.


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