Sylveon: Where Does It Go From Here?

With the dust not seeming to settle around the release of the newest Eevee evolution, it obvious people are very excited about the release of X and Y. Now the biggest debate is what Sylveon's type is. I believe it's likely Normal or Flying, and I can totally see Bug too. Some are suggesting a new type. I doubt it.

But what is the biggest repercussion of this reveal? This is what I think are the biggest Sylveon side effects.

1) Unlike BW, we will have evolutions of older Pokemon. UPDATE: Um.. Just 1...

2) There will likely be at least one other Eevee evolution as they have never come alone before. UPDATE: Nope... :/

3) If there IS a new type, the battle system is going to get way more complicated, which I believe to be needless (Light Type is POINTLESS!) UPDATE: I've since became okay with Fairy.. mainly because it's not Light.

What do you think?


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