Halloween is Around the Corner!

This Saturday is the first day of October! Whoo hoo! People who follow this blog know we take Halloween pretty serious around here.. especially when it comes to Jack O' Lanturns (<- Pun!). This year we are going to have a little contest. In the past we have simply post pictures of our own Jack O' Lanturns (still lol) and asked if you guys wanted to post some of your own... WELL now we NEED you guys to post your own. We want to see how crazy you guys can get. The best ones will be posted on the blog main page in a slideshow directly above the articles. That means the first thing people will see when they come to this site are your sweet Jack O' Lanturns! If you want to submit, just go to our TKO Facebook Page and post pics of your creations on our wall. (You can make more than one submission if you like). Make sure you take 1 picture lit and 1 not lit (see below). We are looking for creativity here folks. The crazier the pumpkin, the more likely we'll post it here. For a little inspiration here's some we've made in the past.


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