Pokemon Black and White Hits States 3/6

If you haven't heard already, Nintendo sent out this mailer that Pokemon Black and White will be released on March 6th.

Additonally, Nintendo has released a press release which announced some of the US names for the pokemon. They are:

  • Professor Araragi: Professor Juniper
  • Hiun City: Castelia City
  • Chillarmy: Minccino
  • Gigaith: Gigalith
  • Munna: Munna
  • Hihidaruma: Darmanitan
  • Meguroc: Sandile
  • Mamepato: Pidove
  • Shimama: Blitzle
  • Gear: Klink
  • Monkey trio: Pansage (Grass), Pansear (Fire), and Panpour (Water)
Some ability and attack names have also be released.
  • Encourage ability: Sheer Force
  • Overconfidence ability: Moxie
  • Pigeon Heart ability: Big Pecks
  • Sweep Slap attack: Tail Slap
  • Wild Bolt attack: Wild Charge
  • Telekinesis attack: Telekinesis


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