Pictures from Dragon*Con, New Pokémon, and upcoming League Tourney

Sorry for taking so long to post some pictures from Dragon*Con. I've been really busy with school work this week. Anyway, here you go...

From left to right: Earl as a Rocket Grunt, Lauren as May, Matt as Byron, and Aaron as Lt. Surge. You can vote on who had the best costume in the poll!

We were surprised by how many people wanted our pictures. It just goes to show that Pokémon is still very popular. We also found a lot of ther people dressed as pokémon characters like Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Giovanni, Umbreon, etc.

Also new pokémon have been released again! Pokébeach has a great article on them, so click here to see them!

For those of you in my League in Johnson City, we will be having a DS tournament on Sept 25th. If you have any questions simply comment below. (If you don't have a Google account to log in to just choose Name/Url and put in your first name.)


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