Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A New Year, a New Format

Over the past few months this blog has seen some changes. For example, last year it changed from being the "Team Knockout Blog" to being my personal blog, "The Fossil Jockey". Well, I have another change. 

In the past, the sole point of this blog was pokemon. That has really limited the scope of the blog itself and there is no way I can honestly compete with pokemon fan sites like Serebii or Pokebeach (not that I was ever really trying to). This narrow scope has made it difficult, at times, to find things to write about. I've tried writing articles focusing on pokemon team strategies, deck ideas, even critiquing the show. However, none of these were that fun for me. In fact, of the articles I've written recently that actually enjoyed was the unown series. Also, my interests aren't limited to just pokemon. As evidenced by my title, I'm a huge paleontology nut. My interests are actually quite varied in video games, books, etc. Due to this, I have decided to diversify my articles. Pokemon will still pop up and will be a bulk of this blog, however, I plan on writing more posts that go beyond that scope.

I want to thank everyone who has enjoyed my pokemon posts and I hope you enjoy all of my future posts!