Monday, June 22, 2015

Gamestop Dragonite Event for June and July

Not the rarest event in the world.. but ok.
From today thru July 12 US players can go to GameStop to get a serial code to download an event Dragonite. Dragonite has its Hidden Ability Multiscale, is holding a Lum Berry, and knows Dragon Dance, Outrage, Hurricane, and Extreme Speed. Although not the rarest event in the world, it does let you circumvent having to migrate up an Extreme Speed Dratini (if you haven't already or don't own Heartgold/Soulsilver).
In the past, some Gamestops employees have told customers they have to reserve a game to get the serial code. THIS IS NOT TRUE! If an employee attempts to get a reservation out of you for one of these codes call customer service immediately and report them. The Gamestop customer service number is 1-800-883-8895.

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