Monday, March 9, 2015

TKO Events of 2015 Starting Off Right!

This past weekend Team Knockout hosted 3 (YES THREE!) sanctioned tournaments and they all had great turn-outs. Between the 2 League Challenges (TCG) in Statesboro, Ga and the Premier Challenge (VG) in Savannah, we had almost 40 competitors battling it out for prizes and glory!

For those who do not know the formats, League Challenges are the basic level of competitive play for the trading card game. Essentially, any official league with a tournament organizer can hold one. League Challenges can follow standard format (only cards from the Boundaries Crossed set to the most recent) or expanded (only cards from Black and White to the most recent). Both of the Statesboro LCs were standard this go around. In Statesboro, we were a little behind so we held 2 on the same day to cover the Rustboro and Dewford Gym seasons. Results of those tournaments will be posted later this evening. All players participating received promo cards and winners were awarded special promo cards stamped with either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place in their division. The Mauville Gym season is coming to a close, so likely what we will do is wait until the end of the next season and do another double header. The next one, however, will be one standard tournament and one expanded tournament.


Premier Challenges are the basic level of competitive play for the video games. Players must battle using a copy of either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire and follow the rules being used for Worlds that year. The Premier Challenge held in Savannah had an amazing turn out of 25 players and we can only hope that even more players decide to make the journey to The Guild Hall in the future to compete! First place winners per division received a whopping 40 Championship points to put toward earning a place at Worlds. 1st place also received a special 3D printed Black Charmander and several other 3D printed pokémon would given out to random winners.

All in all, we enjoyed hosting both at Galactic Comics and Games in Statesboro, Ga and The Guild Hall in Savannah. We have another Premier Challenge that will take place on March 22nd in Goose Creek, South Carolina at Turtle Gaming. Make sure to mark your calendars!

Update: There is an issue with the photos, this will be resolved soon!