Friday, April 25, 2014

Ga Premier Challenge

The Pokémon Company International has started a pilot program for Video Game Tournaments called "Premier Challenges". Like League Challenges for TCG, these are lower tier video game tournaments that award top players with Championship Points. 

Team KO (specifically Matt) will be hosting two of these style Pokémon tournaments in Statesboro, Ga. The first will be May 18th (already listed on the Event Locator) and the second will be June 14 (pending approval). Both will be following the VG Modified rules seen at all Pokémon hosted events. To brush up on the rules for sanctioned Pokémon events go to

Friday, April 4, 2014

Athens, Ga Regionals 2014

Team KO is going to Regionals in Athens again this year! We willbe competing in both the TCG and Video Game formats. I, personally, will be in the TCG and maybe VG. I haven't 100% decided. Regardless, if you want to follow along with our exploits just follow me on Twitter @FossilJockeyMG. I'll be posting on here each night as well.

Update: During the weekend of Regionals one of our dear friends, Earl's wife Samantha, passed away. we were unable to update in a timely manner after this tragedy. If you want to know how our members did, check the Team Knokout Facebook pages for Statesboro and Tri-Cities. Links are located under the Leagues tab.