Thursday, September 12, 2013

Statesboro Ga League News: X & Y Prerelease Video Game Tournament Rules

For those of you who have already RSVP'd for the event, you know the rules... however, if you haven't, here is the info!
To celebrate the release of the new Pokemon X and Pokemon Y video games, we will be holding a Pre-Release Video Game Tournament and Pizza Party!
First Prize is a $40 gift card to GameStop to go towards the purchase of X or Y. Granted there is enough of the Junior/Senior players - there will be a gift card for each age group. 
There will be other prizes to win as well. :) 
Tournament Fee is $8. The tournament fee will cover the cost of your entry into the tournament as well as your food. We will also be serving soft drinks. 
The tournament is Black and White Pokemon ONLY in a Single Battle Format. This means you can only use Pokemon with a Pokedex Number of 494 to 649. Each pokémon must be holding a different item. No offensive nicknames or nicknaming a pokémon as a different species (ie: you can't have a Haxorus named Magikarp). 
FOR JUNIORS/SENIORS - There are NO exclusions of what Pokemon you can use as long as has the Pokedex Number 494 through 649. Juniors and Seniors are ALLOWED to use the Legendary Pokemon from Black, White, Black 2, White 2. 
FOR MASTERS ONLY - NONE of the following: 
494- Victini643- Reshiram, 644- Zekrom, 646- Kyurem, 647-Keldeo, 648- Meloetta, 649- Genesect
If you haven't already RSVP'd for the event... DO IT NOW! :)