Monday, May 28, 2012

Spring Friendly 2012: Part 2

By: FossilJockeyMG
The Spring Friendly has been over for a couple weeks now. I had planned on posting at the end of each day, however I ended up playing until late at night. After all that, I really didn't feel like writing up up a long recap every night. However, I didn't mean to take so long to post Days 2 - 5. Well, now I plan on recapping it now! This post with cover day 2 and some of my summaries will be a little more brief than last time. Also, apparenly, after so long Battle Videos get removed if no one watches them. That stinks because that means I can't load any of the videos for day 2.

My Info
Name: Matt
Location: Georgia, United States
Pokémon: Tyranitar, Excadrill, Cradily, Sigilyph, Mamoswine, Chandelure
Strategy: Sand Storm Team, speed is important.

--Day 2--
Round 1
Opponent: Rx
Location: Brazil
Pokémon: Hydreigon, Haxorus, Cloyster, Terrakion, Galavantula, ???.

Unfortunately the match started before I could write down the last pokémon. This particular battle wasn't super exciting. Both of my starting pokémon were hit by critical hits from Haxorus and Hydreigon. Pretty much down hill from there. I ended up losing. Big surprise. Day 2 was shaping up to be a rough day. Record (continuing from Day 1): 4/4

Round 2
Opponent: Claire
Location: UK
Pokémon: Hitmontop, Milotic, Abomasnow, Garchomp, ???, ???

Again, the match started before I could write down everyone. I did get everyone she ended up using to fight me. The match was pretty close, however between Hitmontop and Abomasnow, I had a tough time. Several turns were switch-fests of shutting down weather and Intimidating my guys. Anyway, this one went to my opponent too. Record: 4/5.

Round 3
Opponent: Oztill
Location: Mexico
Pokémon: Blastoise, Haxorus, Volcarona, Metagross, Starmie, Ambipom

I actually got everyone written down this time. My opponent started with Ambipom and Haxorus. I started with Tyranitar and Excadrill. I expected Excadrill to get hit with Fake Out, so I swapped out to Sigilyph. Totally called it. Tyranitar took an Outrage from Haxorus, and retaliated with it's own Outrage for a OHKO. Oztill then sent in Blastoise, and swapped out Ambipom for Metagross. Between turns Sigilyph got burned by it's Flame Orb so I tried to Psycho Swap the burn to Metagross. It missed. Metagross hit Tyranitar with Meteor Mash to finish it off and got an attack boost. Blastoise hit Sigilyph with Blizzard, almost KO'ing it. I sent in Excadrill and chose Earthquake. Metagross used Bullet Punch to finish off Sigilyph. Excadrill took out Metagross and almost took out Blastoise. Blastoise retaliated with Surf and took out Excadrill. My final pokémon was Cradily, they sent Ambipom back out. Ambipom used Fake Out on Cradily, and Blastoise froze it with Blizzard. I lost Cradily the two turns later. Record: 4/6.

Round 4
Location: Unknown
Pokémon: Heatran, Samurott, Ursaring, Torterra, Conkeldurr, Unfezant

My opponent started with Heatran and Samurott, I started with my traditional Excadrill/Tyranitar combo. I swapped Tyranitar with Cradily and had Excadrill use Earthquake. Samurott survived in the red and retaliated with Hydro Pump... which was what I wanted. Cradily had lost a third of it's HP to my Excadrill's EQ. The Hydro Pump was drawn to Cradily and upped it's special attack, which meant next turn I could a lot of the HP back by using Giga Drain. Edgar sent in Conkeldurr for his fallen Heatran. I has Cradily Giga Drain Samurott, finishing it off, and swapped Excadrill for Chandelure. As I expected, the Conkeldurr tried to Mach Punch my Excadrill.. but instead Chandelure popped in, so it did nothing. Torterra came in for Samurott. Next turn Cradily protected and Chandelure used Psychic on Conkeldurr, KO'ing it. Torterra used EQ, but it failed due to Cradily's Protect and Chandelure's Air Ballon. After having Cradily Toxic, and Chandelure using Heat Wave, it was just a matter of time until I won. Record: 5/6.

Round 5
Opponent: Mikey
Location: Unknown
Pokémon: Jellicent, Metagross, Abomasnow, Hitmontop, Infernape, Dragonite

A rough match of switching weather and Intimidation (like round 1). I ended up taking down Jellicent, Metagross, and Abomasnow... and I had lost Tyranitar, Excadrill, and Cradily. Unfortunately, it was his Metagross vs my Sigilyph... and it had Ice Punch. Not only that, the Metagross got an critical hit with Ice Punch. Record: 5/7.

Round 6
Opponent: Alain
Location: Spain
Pokémon: Hydreigon, Volcarona, Haxorus, Scrafty, Emboar, and Chandelure.

I actually connected to someone before this guy, but there was a connection error before I even saw thier pokémon. This match lasted only two turns. He started with Emboar and Chandelure. I started with Excadrill and Chandelure. I had Excadrill Rock Slide and Chandelure use Shadow Ball on Alain's Chandelure. I was expecting Shadow Ball so I wanted to take care of it quick. I took it out, and Emboar took out Excadrill after. Alain then swapped in Volcarona. I sent out Tyranitar. When Alain saw another guy who could get super effective hits I guess he got upset because he disconnected. Poor sport. Record still 5/7.

Round 7
Opponent: Julius
Location: Mexico
Pokémon: Politoed, Toxicroak, Zapdos, Rotom (Water), Kingdra, Tornadus

A standard Drizzle team. I wasn't too surprised when they started with Politoed and Kingdra. I started with Tyranitar and Cradily. As I expected, Kingdra used Muddy Water and Toed used Ice Beam on Cradily. Both my guys survived and Toed almost fell to a combo of Giga Drain from Cradily and Rock Slide from T-tar. Next turn I went to swap T-tar, and they swapped Toed. I sent out Sigilyph and they sent out Croak, which I expected. However, the Kingdra used Blizzard which KO'd Sigil and hit Dily hard. I didn't expect that. After a crit on T-tar when it came in and having to either let Cradily fall or swap in Excadrill as a sacrifice, I was in a corner. I ended up losing in the end. Record: 5/8

Round 8
Opponent: Lance
Location: New York
Pokémon: Scizor, Gastrodon, Dusknoir, Jellicent, Eelectross, T-tar

A quick match. There isn't much to really say. I knew this was a Trick Room team right off the bat. They started with Gastrodon and Jellicent... which was odd. I expected Dusknoir so it could throw up TR. I suppose he guessed he could just swamp me with water. He was wrong. I started with T-tar and Excadrill, but swapped T-tar with Cradily. Cradily absorbed part of Gastrodon's Muddy Water and Jellicent's Water Spout. This set me up to sweep, which I did. He tried to change tactics and swap Gastrodon for Dusknoir to use TR. I KO'd it before it could and laid waste to his team without losing a guy. Record: 6/8

Round 9
Opponent: Polo
Location: Unknown
Pokémon: Zoroark, Seismitoad, Eelectross, Dragonite, Metagross, Heracross

Another quick match, they started with Seismitoad and Metagross. I started with Chandelure and Sigilyph, just because I planned on tricking him into potentially attacking Sigilyph or Cradily with Night Daze. This would allow me to pick out any Zoroarks, if they were in play and knew the move. I swapped out Sigilyph for T-tar and protected with Cradily. Seismitoad used Muddy Water, and Metagross used Flamethrower on T-tar. Now, this tipped me off it was a Zoroark.. but I don't really get why it decided to use that move on Sigil. I had T-tar Dragon Dance and Cradily hit Seismo with Giga Drain. Seismo used Drain Punch on T-tar, which was weakened by my Chople Berry and Meta (Zoroark) used Protect. Seismo fell to one hit, and T-tar proceeded sweeping with a combo of Rock Slide/EQ which allowed me to take the win. Record: 7/8

Round 10
Opponent: Aaron
Location: California
Pokémon: Volcarona, Machamp, Hydreigon, Landorus, Gliscor, Conkeldurr

Since this person had 3 pokémon weak to Ice, I decided to start off with Mamoswine, which I combo'd with Chandelure. They started with Gligar and Machamp. It was perfect. Ice Shard took out Gliscor with one hit, and Chandelure almost took out Champ in one hit. Machamp tried to Cross Chop Swine, but it missed. next came out Hydreigon. I used Ice Shard on Hydreigon and finished off Champ with Psychic from Lure. Dreigon cleared with field with Surf. Aaron next sent out Volcarona. I sent in Excadrill and Cradily. After taking out Volca with Rock Slide from Drill, and then losing Drill to Surf it was down to Hydreigon vs Cradily. With it's beefed up Sp. Atk from all the Surfing, it took the win for me. Record: 8/8

Round 11
Opponent: Latula
Location: El Salvador
Pokémon: Whimsicott, Starmie, Terrakion, Gliscor, Cloyster, Chandelure

Started with Mamoswine and Cradily vs thier Gliscor and Cloyster. I had Swine take out Gligar with Ice Shard, Cloyster used Shell Smash, and Cradily promptly took it out with Giga Drain. He then shut off his game. What a loser. Record still 8/8.

Round 12
Opponent: CJ
Location: Unknown
Pokémon: Weavile, Togekiss, Garchomp, Rotom (water), Chandelure, Metagross

They started with Togekiss and Garchomp, I started with T-Tar and Excadrill. Starting with T-tar proved to be my down fall. I couldn't hit Garchomp for anything. After a hard fought fight, we were both down to 1 pokémon each. His Garchomp, my Cradily. Cradily ended up missing 3 times in a row, and I ended up losing. Record: 8/9

Round 13
Opponent: Nelson
Location: New Jersey
Pokémon: Crustle, Infernape, Amoongus, Cloyster, Alomomola, Haxorus

Not much to say about this round. Just this statement to anyone running Cloyster in a double tourney, and they see me using Cradily. Don't use Shell Smash. Cradily will KO you immediately after you use it. I won this one if you didn't guess. Record: 9/9

Round 14
Opponent: Mark
Location: Philippines
Pokémon: Politoed, Kingdra, Ludicolo, Jellicent, Toxicroak, and Thundurus

Another Drizzle team, original. The guy had a pretty high ranking (1700). I haven't spoken much about rankings, but here's the gist. 1500 is the score you start with when you enter. As you win it goes up. As you lose it goes down. I could be nicer about this battle.. but I won't. I was winning against this team due to a well timed Cradily switch in. However, like a lot of the people I battle with high rankings, he turned his game off before I could take out his last guy. It makes me think part of the reason his rank is so high is because he turns his game off if it looks like he'll lose. Record still 9/9.

Round 15
Opponent: Steven
Location: Equador
Pokémon: Kingdra, Volcarona, Hydreigon, Mandibuzz, Serperior, Golurk

Not much to say here. Same as the previous round. I was winning, they disconnected. Still 9/9.

Round 16
Opponent: Vikas
Location: New York
Pokémon: Cresselia, Virizion, Heatran, Dragonite, Suicune, Metagross

A tough battle of overpowered pokémon. I really couldn't stand up to them... so not much to really discuss. I got whooped. Record: 9/10

Round 17
Opponent: Ush
Location: Unknown
Pokémon: Torkoal, Crustle, Weezing, Bronzong, Dusknoir, Gastrodon

Another Trick Room team. I've pretty much become a champ at detecting them. I just chose my slowest pokémon.. Cradily, Mamoswine, and T-tar. I also threw in Sigilyph who, even though decently fast, is also a decent wall. They started with Dusknoir and Gastrodon. I had Mamoswine use Stone Edge on Dusknoir, since I knew it would tried to use TR... which on the turn used makes the user go last. I had Cradily Giga Drain Gastrodon. Dusknoir and Gastrodon barely survived. Gastrodon used Ice Beam on Cradily, which did decent damage and Dusk used TR. I had Mamoswine finish off Gastro with Ice Shard and Cradily finished off Dusk... apparently it was slower. Next came out Torkoal and Weezing, but after losing two of thier pokes and me losing none, they were fighting an uphill battle they couldn't win. Record: 10/10

Round 18
Opponent: Tony
Location: Unknown
Pokémon: Garchomp, Darmanitan, Swampert, Metagross, Rotom (water), Gliscor

A short match, this team didn't seem to have a lot of direction. Some of the attacks they used against my pokémon made no sense. For example, Swampert used Earthquake against Cradily and Sigilyph... so Cradily got a nice easy Giga Drain. Anyway, I won this one pretty easy. Record: 11/10.

Round 19
Opponent: Snail
Location: Texas
Pokémon: Metagross, Terrakion, Hitmontop, Latios, Chandelure, Thundurus

Another very powerful team, with 3 of the pokémon being legendary. I took out Thundurus and Chandelure.. but could take down Hitmontop (thanks to all of the Intimidation...) and Terrakion. Record: 11/11.

Round 20
Opponent: Median
Location: California
Pokémon: Jolteon, Milotic, Aerodactyl, Haxorus, Lucario, Virizion

An interesting team, this was the first appearances of my favorite pokémon... Aerodactyl. A handy Ice Shard from Mamoswine clipped his wings, but Milotic took out Swine after. Sigilyph was also out, and it used Psychic on Milotic. I sent out T-tar and they sent out out was Lucario. I thought I could take it out with Psychic from Sigilyph.. but it took me out first with Shadow Ball. Milotic tried to use Hydro Pump on T-tar, but I swapped to Cradily. It was a good switch in... but T-tar and Cradily couldn't take on Milotic and Lucario. Record: 11/12

Round 21
Opponent: Tremere
Location: Brazil
Pokémon: Claydol, Rotom (ice), Eelectross, Electivire, Tornadus, Drapion

The only Frost Rotom I saw all tourney. I was quite surprised. However, Tornadus and Rotom fell to rock moves from Excadrill and Tyranitar. Claydol and Electivire came in. I had T-tar use Earthquake and I swapped Excadrill to Sigilyph. Electivire ALMOST KO'd T-tar with Cross Chop, but it survived due to the Chople Berry. Sigilyph used Air Slash and did a little damage to Claydol, and T-tar took out Electivire with the EQ I chose. Claydol used Earth Power on Sigilyph (it was trying to hit Excadrill) with no effect. Between turns Sigilyph got burned from the Flame Orb, so next turn I swapped it to Claydol with Psycho Shift, and I had T-Tar Dragon Dance. Claydol was bound to go down now... and it did to Outrage the next turn. Record: 12/12

So by Day 2 my record was an even 12 wins, 12 losses... not impressive at all. In fact, just broke even. However, I would have had more wins if it hadn't been for the disconnects. That aside, my ranking was still higher than the intial ranking of 1500. I had 1550, due to taking out a couple people with rankings higher than mine. I could only hope to continue to climb on the other days of the tourney.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Friendly 2012: Part 1

By: FossilJockeyMG
I've been meaning to write up something detailing some of my tournament experiences, but something always comes up and I'm unable to. Well, luckily the 2012 Spring Friendly began right after I was done with my finals. I'll never get that lucky again.

For those of you who haven't played in one of the online tournament's Nintendo holds from time to time, this is how it goes.. a week or so before the tournament you register your game through the Nintendo Global Link. Once the tournament starts, you battle as many people as you want during the tournament dates. As you battle, your ranking goes up or down depending on how well you do. Generally, the higher ranked opponents you beat, the quicker your ranking goes up.

Anyway, here is how my first day has gone...

My Info
Name: Matt
Location: Georgia, United States
Pokémon: Tyranitar, Excadrill, Cradily, Sigilyph, Mamoswine, Chandelure
Strategy: Sand Storm Team, speed is important. Mamoswine for use against Hail teams (does fine in Sand or Hail) and Dragons (Ice Shard + Expert Belt >:D ). Also, Cradily is the Dream World Cradily with Storm Drain. Super useful against Rain teams.

Round 1
Opponent: Arden
Location: Unknown
Pokémon: Rapidash, Lapras, Ampharos, Flygon, and Meinshao
Battle Video: 37-40962-19933

Opponent started out with Rapidash and Flygon. No real trouble with the Rapidash. Lapras came in after... which still wasn't an issue except for the fact it froze my Cradily and it never defrosted. That ended up costing me the game as Cradily just sat there the whole time doing nothing. It was a rough way to start the tourney. Anyway, I lost.

Round 2
Opponent: Bufo
Location: Italy
Pokémon: Escavalier, Amoongus, Scrafty, Reuniclus, Conkeldurr, Chandelure
Battle Video: N/A

I knew going into this one that I was likely going to lose. Just looking at the team, it screams Trick Room. Thing is, my team is based on speed... so having to fight Trick Room teams with it is always tough. Not to mention the guy had a ranking of 1700+ whereas my ranking, which was low since I'd only had one battle prior.. that was a loss... meant he'd likely whoop up on me. That's exactly what happened too. It was a complete shut out. There's no video, but that's because it was too terrible to save. Record as of round 2: 0/2.

Round 3...ish
Opponent: Chris
Location: Florida
Pokémon: Who Cares
Battle Video: N/A

So... this is the battle that never was. Guy disconnected before I even saw his pokémon. Whatever. Record still 0/2.

Round 3 (For Real)
Opponent: Matty
Location: Italy
Pokémon: Cresselia, Metagross, Hitmontop, Ferrothorn, Gastrodon, Chandelure
Battle Video: N/A, Trust me.. it's a Trick Room team.

So, apparently guys from Italy love Trick Room (TR). Good to know. I saw it coming a mile away with this team. I also saw Intimidate coming too. I've fought my fair share of double battle Hitmontops to see that coming. The main think I knew I'd have a hard time fighting was if the guy actually got Trick Room up. Well, he started with Ferrothorn and Hitmontop. I had guessed Hitmontop was coming so I had started with Sigilyph (which is special rather than physical) and Chandelure (same reason). However, as soon as I chose my moves I had a thought. I has ordered Chandelure to use Heat Wave for Ferrothorn and Hitmontop... but I remembered he had a Chandelure too... but it was too late. The order was in, and he switched Ferro for Chandelure. Not only that but he Sucker Punched my Chandelure with Top. Ugh. That miscalculation cost me the game too. I'll give the guy credit though, he punked me. Sigilyph easily took out Hitmontop with Psychic. The next turn my Chandelure was faster, and hit the opponent's Chandelure with a hard Shadow Ball.. but it survived in the red and it used Trick Room. That was it for me! Oh well, looking like it's gonna be a rough tourney with all the TR... after round 3 I'm 0/3.

Round 4
Opponent: Lucas
Location: Brazil
Pokémon: Arcanine, Ampharos, Blissey, Swampert, Hydreigon and... apparently I didn't take note of the last guy...
Battle Video: 35-31886-47444

This battle was gnarly. Luckily for me, it wasn't TR... unluckily I had no idea what the guy was doing. I expected him to start with Arcanine and use Intimidate so I started with Tyranitar (to start sandstorm and then switch) and Sigilyph (special guy). Well... he started with Arcanine but it was a Dream World one (in a Dream Ball, ability is Justified) and a shiny Hydreigon (!!!). I decided to leave in Tyranitar and attack. Things were going rather smoothly at first. Sigilyph somewhat took a Thunder Fang from Arcanine and Tyranitar took a Dragon Pulse like a champ. Sigilyph a pretty good smack on Hydreigon with Air Slash (almost halving it's HP) and Tyranitar doled out an Earthquake to Arcanine leaving it pretty drained. I thought I was safe to switch in Excadrill as this point, as I was expecting another Thunder Fang. Instead my opponent swapped Arc for a Swampert and had Hydreigon let loose a Surf. Poor Excadrill went down.. to no surprise. Anyway, T-tar survived and Rock Slided them both doing ok damage. Hydreigon barely held on. I tried to bait another Surf and switch in Cradily for the Sp. Atk boost, instead it got hit with Hammer Arm. Putting a hurting on him. On the other hand, Sigilyph took a Dragon Pulse (barely) and was able to heal with Roost. Hydreigon was still holding on with 1 HP at this point.. and was getting on my nerves. I decided to Protect Cradily and let Sigilyph get KO'd so that Hydreigon would fall to sandstorm. Next I send Tyranitar back out and Lucas' Arcanine came back. Tyranitar took a Flare Blitz from Arc and retaliated with Rock Slide to take Arc out of the game and Cradily got some HP back by Giga Draining the Swampert, which KO'd it. This was 6 turns out of the 17 turn match. The other 11 were spent between my Cradily and Lucas' Blissey... however, Cradily weaseled out a win. Things began to look up... record was now 1/3.

Round 5
Opponent: Mikan
Location: Chile
Pokémon: Electivire, Porygon-Z, Primeape, Milotic, Misdreavus, Haxorus
Battle Video: 37-83435-83898

Another round were I really couldn't see a strategy outside of "attack, attack, attack!". Now, don't get me wrong, that can work... but this time it didn't. I started with T-Tar and Excadrill. Mikan has a shiny Primeape (!!!) and an Electivire holding an Air Ballon. Since a turn 1 Earthquake wasn't in the cards with an Air Ballon in play (since I was planning on swapping T-Tar for Sigilyph), I instead swapped Excadrill since I doubted that Mikan had chosen to try to hit Drill with an electric move. I was right and basically got a free switch. Things were looking rough for me for a while. By turn 4 I had already lost Excadrill, Sigilyph, and T-Tar was in the red. Luckily, I still had Cradily. Mikan sent out a Porygon-Z and Milotic, and even thier best Ice moves couldn't best my barnacle (which Cradily is the barnacle pokémon... but actually isn't a barnacle... weird). Anyway, between T-Tar holding on and Cradily beefing hits, I took the win... now I was 2/3.

Round 6
Opponent: Juanpe
Locarion: Unknown
Pokémon: Escavalier, Eelectross, Serperior, Conkeldurr, Carracosta, Chandelure
Battler Video:44-30009-26646

This team looks like a Trick Room team without the Trick Room. I started with Chandelure and Sigilyph and Juanpe started with Carracosta and Conkeldurr. I knew that some kind of water move was coming from that Carracosta to my Chandelure, so I switched in Cradily for the Sp. Atk boost, with success! Sigilyph took out Conkeldurr in one hit. The rest of the game was pretty much mine from there. I will say this, Juanpe's Chandelure took a Rock Slide from my T-Tar like a champ, and then surprised me on a switch in by using Shadow Ball when I was least expecting it. Still though, he didn't really have much shot at a come back, it came down to his Chandelure with 1 HP vs T-Tar and Cradily... and I didn't even get a chance to send in T-tar before Cradily had declared the battle over himself. I guess he was ready to move on. Record was now an even 3/3.

Round 7
Opponent: Emii
Pokémon:Whimsicott, Heatran, Samurott, Cresselia, Scrafty, Metagross
Battle Video:47-14905-54810

As soon as I saw Cresselia, Scrafty, and Metagross.. I was thinking, "crap, Trick Room again!?!" I was raging, I'm not gonna lie. However, I quickly regained my composure and headed in. The start was odd. I had chosen two of my slower guys, attempting to try to "out slow" them.. but then Emii sends out Scrafty and Heatran.. confused I had Cradily Protect and T-Tar Earthquake. Brilliant. Apparently, Emii has both of her pokes target Cradily so T-Tar got a free hit. Also, the Scrafty missed Cradily with Hi Jump Kick and took massive damage. I swapped Cradily for Sigilyph and proceeded to lay down the smack. When Cresselia came in after Scrafty fell I knew TR was coming. Nope. Fine by me. Emii did use a shiny Samurott, which I switched in Cradily to soak up water. Unfortunately, got frozen by Ice Beam instead! Excadrill came in though and took care of business. Even frozen Cradily still absorbs water, so Excadrill was safe from Samurott's Hydro Pump. Anyway, even with Cradily frozen for the entire latter part of the match, I still won. End of day record: 4/3. Not spectacular, but not a losing record either.

Hopefully, tomorrow will go a little better. I really need to find a good counter for TR on my Sandstorm team. I need to TM someone for Taunt... Also, if you haven't already there is a Darkrai Wi-Fi download going on as we speak! Download it using Mystery Gift while at a wifi hotspot. Simply choose Nintendo WFC. The Darkrai comes with an Enigma Berry.. and it's currently the only way to get an Enigma Berry in Black and White! Oh yea.. I guess Darkrai is also pretty rare.. lol!