Monday, February 27, 2012

Kotaku's List for Making the Best, Yet Actually Worst, Pokémon Game

So my faith in Kotaku has never been strong, however given thier most recent article concerning what they want in a new Pokémon game I think they've pretty much jumped the Sharpedo on this one. You can click the previous link and check out what they have to say, but here's basically what they are hoping to get out of Black and White 2 (which has been confirmed for US release in the fall).
  1. Customizable Trainer Sprites... I'm ok with this one.
  2. Remove the EV and IV systems. Umm.. what? EV's and IV's have always been around... they just weren't utilized that much until around Gen III. Kotaku's point is that EV training is too much work and they don't want to put in that much effort to be competitive. Well guess what, that means you're just not that into the competitive aspects... which is fine, but ask any person who plays a first person shooter or fighting game competitively. You have to work to be good. They also say that EV's and IV's force people to cheat. No.. actually people have been cheating at Pokémon since Red and Blue. Ever heard about the Missingno. cheat? Just because it's in game doens't mean it's not a cheat. It's taking advantage of a coding issue and thus makes your pokémon stronger (in terms of level) faster than someone who doesn't exploit this cheat.
  3. No New Pokémon. I don't even know where to start arguing this stupid comment. They said to work on the 450 we already have rather than adding more. Thing is we have over 600 now.. so yea. They don't know jack. I get the point of wanting to move away from 2-D sprites, that makes sense. However, if there weren't new pokémon the game would have failed long ago. New pokémon gens bring in new players. Just because your old, cranky, and prefer things to stay "the way things were when I was little" doesn't mean that new players should get slighted. It gives the new players pokémon to grow up with, theirs are just different than ours.
  4. Remove the Breeding Mechanic. NEVER have I heard such an argument! They say it removes from the thrill of the hunt since your can just breed pokémon. Thing is, you can ONLY breed pokémon if you ALREADY have some evolution stage of that line. For example, you can only breed for Pichu if you already have Pikachu or Raichu.. so you still have to catch things! In addition to that, if you want to be competitive, egg moves are important. Again, this is another aspect of pokémon that is optional. You don't wanna breed? Then don't breed.
  5. Allow players, after beating the game, to make thier own home or gym. While not being to customize gyms in older games is true, people could customize their homes/secret bases in several games. They didn't even mention that. I could see this happening eventually, just not in BW2.
  6. Keep the Story to a minimum... Seriously Kotaku? Minimal Story? Pokémon is an RPG!
  7. Customizable Pokéballs. Again, this was in Diamond, Pearl, and Plaitnum.. again not mentioned as if it is some new idea. It was at this point I began to wonder if they had even played a pokémon game.
  8. Some sort of Co-op element. Well, Black and White has Entralink... which is sorta co-op. While I agree it would be nice if it was fleshed out more, they didn't even mention it... so yea.. they know nothing.
  9. A better award for "Catchin' Em All". A decent point, I can actually respect this one.
  10. Don't give the main characters any backstory. Again with the reduction of story. I think they should just not even bother with any RPG. I hate to tell them that ALL RPG games rely on story.
So yea, everyone should go to the article on Kotaku and express thier love or disgust with it... or you can reply here and either agree or disagree with me.

ADDENDUM @ 6:15pm EST: This was written by a forum member so Kotaku themselves didn't write it (thanks for clearing that up for me a little, Ejia). However,the fact they posted this as an article and promoted it on Twitter could be interpreted as either they didn't read it, don't understand pokémon, or they agree. That's how I interpreted it. I'd assume if there was some featured post made by a forum member that it would have to at least be a good, intelligent, and well thought out post to be featured. I guess that's just me.

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