Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Announcment of Black and White 2: The Resulting Windfall

Yesterday Pokémon Smash revealed information on a new pokémon game. Many had speculated it would be a "Pokémon Grey" and would feature a new Kyurem form. What we got instead promises to be so much more than a simple re-vamp, as for example Platinum was to Diamond and Pearl. Instead, it seems we will be getting a direct sequel to Black and White. This is something we haven't seen since Colosseum was directly sequeled by Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. As with the announcement of ANY new pokémon game, there has been a swarm of excitement and hate.

I'm actually very excited at the moment. Nintendo hasn't made a direct sequel within a single generation before (in terms of the handheld games). Usually the 3rd game in a gen, such as platinum to DP, are simple revamps. If this is a true sequel which continues the story, I'll be really happy. I feel the story is unresolved due Ghetsis escaping and N leaving. Currently, it would seem this is polarizing the community. On one side, there are excited people like me the others feel like, well, I don't really understand what they feel like. It seems like they wanted "Grey" more. Maybe they don't understand the possiblities a direct sequel can bring. For example, currently we cannot get the Hidden Abilities of Unova pokémon (outside of Darmanitan and Musharna) because the overworld sprites haven't been programmed into the game and unavailable in the Entralink. It is highly probable this issue will be resolved in BW2, either by having Hidden Abilities catchable in the wild or by simply adding the overworld sprites to the Entralink.

Anyway, I don't really much care about community opinion. There will always be people excited as well as those who think the idea stinks. Truthfully, I was currently only slightly excited about a "Grey" version. Sure it's a new game, but really it's just a prettied up version of a game we already have with a few added features. A real sequel promises so much more.

Another issue I've seen are those of who are upset it's not a 3DS exclusive. To me, that currently would make no sense. We are currently in the middle of a gen. There have been NO gens in the past that have been split between two systems. Gen 1 could be played on any Game Boy. Gen 2 worked best on GB Color, Gen 3 was playable on any GBA (and DS), and Gen 4 and 5 works on and DS since they both started at a time when there were multiple DS models available. Imagine the hate if Black and White had been 3DS exclusive when they came out. There would have been tons of people  would be upset that they had to go out and buy a new DS just play Pokemon.

There is no winning really, but it makes sense to wait until a system is either widespread to start a new gen OR at least make the game playable on several system models. Additonally, really little kids (around 6 I think) can't play 3DS due to possible eye damage. As kids are the major audience, why would they make a new game that their intended demographic can't even play? Financially, it makes no sense either. If your buyer base is either going to be everyone with a 3DS or everyone with a DS period, it would make more sense to hit the larger demographic (everyone with a DS period). That way noone would really be left out and need to buy a new system. However, there will be special features that the games can utilize if on DSi as well as some exclusive features if your playing on a 3DS. More than likely, you'll have to turn them on.

In the end, I've been playing since Red and Blue have hit the states. Ever since there has been Pokemon fandom online, there have been people who whine about whatever isn't in a game that they feel should be... and it started really big around gen 3 because people were upset thinking they wouldn't be able to get a majority of the gen 1 and 2 pokes. Then Nintendo surprised the community by releasing games like Colosseum, FireRed, and LeafGreen which calmed most people down. The exception was Colosseum. Before Collosseum came out, people whined about wanting a console story game. When they got it, they whined it wasn't everything they wanted. Then we got XD, then they whined about it too. That is exactly what is happening right now. Rather than being happy with the new possible features that will be introduced by a sequel, they complain about what MAY not be in it that they want.

Moral of the story: Crybabies gonna Cry. Who cares though. I'll form my opinion when I actually play the game like an intelligent person. No reason to form an opinion that's more in depth than the information given out thus far... and 2 pictures and a couple sentences about a game really isn't enough. From what I do know, it seems like they are trying to keep the series from be predictable, which I can appreciate.

What is your opinion about this announcement or what I have said?

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