Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Update

While not necessarily Pokémon related, it is Nintendo related. There is a new update for Nintendo 3DS which allows you to join games that friends on your Friend's List are playing. It also adds new content to the Mii Plaza game that comes with the system. The update also allows Mii's to visit your Plaza via Spotpass (online) rather than only by Streetpass (in person). If you get someone named Matt G who was made by FoslJocky... then that's me!

Anyway, you can download the update from any wireless location!

UPDATE 12/23: So far I haven't received any new Miis via Spotpass... so it's possible the Spotpass doesn't actually give you new Miis. However, if that's the case.. then I have no idea what content the Spotpass feature for Mii Plaza even does.


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