Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dream World Pokémon Poll

Justin S. has informed me that live on the Pokémon.com site is a poll for people to vote for a Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh Pokémon of thier choice to appear on the Dream World! Japan has already had a poll like this, with the winner being Arceus. Everyone has from now to Nov. 30th to vote (the link is below)! It says you can only vote once, however I bet if you use several different computers (like at school) you can vote more.

Here's my little take on this... most likely what's going to happen is the winner will be a Starter or Legendary. HOPEFULLY, people will either vote for a rare event legendary like Japan obviously did with Arceus or something with a Dream World ability. However, what I'm worried about is people voting for pokémon either already available via the Dream World, or those who don't have Dream World (DW) abilities. An example would be Rayquaza (which won the Korean poll). A DW Rayquaza is no different from an ingame Rayquaza... therefore pointless. You really want a Rayquaza? Play Emerald or HG/SS or hit the GTS. Here is a simple guide to help you with at least the pokémon which DON'T have a special Dream World ability, what DW abilities of the starters are, and what the abilities of the legends are (those not listed don't have DW abilities), and a couple other cool mentions.
  1. Pokémon with Levitate do not have DW abilities (For example, Gengar)
  2. Pokémon with signature abilities do not have DW abilities (For example, Shedinja)
  3. Event pokémon do not have DW abilities (For example, Deoxys or Mew)
Here are some starter and legendary pokémon with cool DW abilities:
  1. Bulbasaur and it's evos have Chlorophyll (Boosts speed in Sun)
  2. Charmander and it's evos have Solar Power (Boosts Sp. Atk in Sun, lose a little HP each turn)
  3. Squirtle and it's evos have Rain Dish (Heal HP in Rain)
  4. Articuno has Snow Cloak (Boosts Evasion in Hail)
  5. Zapdos has Lightning Rod (Draws in Electric moves to boost Sp. Atk)
  6. Moltres has Flame Body (Sometimes burns pokémon that make direct contact)
  7. Mewtwo has Unnerve (Opponent can't eat berries)
  8. Chikorita and it's evos have Leaf Guard (Heals status in Sun)
  9. Cyndaquil and it's evos have Flash Fire (Boost Fire moves if hit by Fire moves)
  10. Totodile and it's evos have Sheer Force (Removes added effects of attacks to boost damage)
  11. Raikou has Volt Absorb (Heals HP if hit by and Electric attack)
  12. Entei has Flash Fire (Boosts Fire moves if hit by Fire moves)
  13. Suicune has Water Absorb (Boosts HP if hit by Water moves)
  14. Lugia has MultiScale (Takes less damage if hit while HP is full)
  15. Ho-oh has Regenerator (Heals HP everytime it switches out)
  16. Treecko and it's evos have Unburden (Speed boosts after item is used)
  17. Torchic and it's evos have Speed Boost (Speed boosts after every turn)
  18. Mudkip and it's evos have Damp (Explosion and Selfdestruct can't be used)
  19. Regirock has Sturdy (Can't be One Hit KO'ed, if attack would KO it, it survives with 1 HP)
  20. Regice has Ice Body (HP heals in Hail)
  21. Registeel has Light Metal (Weight is halved.. Lame ability)
  22. Turtwig and it's evos have Shell Armor (Can't be Critically Hit)
  23. Chimchar and it's evos have Iron Fist (Punching moves are boosted)
  24. Piplup and it's evos have Defiant (Attack is boosted if another stat is lowered)
  25. Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina have Telepathy (Won't be hit by wide target moves like Earthquake from your partner in Double and Triple battles)
  26. Heatran has Flame Body (See Moltres)
Other pokémon which aren't yet avaliable in the Dream World but have cool abilities:
  1. Ditto has Imposter (Instantly Transforms into opponent when sent into play)
  2. Seasel, Weavile, and the Seedot line get Pickpocket (If hit by a direct attack from the opponent, you pokémon may steal the opponent's item).
  3. Budew and Roselia get Leaf Guard, which will become Technician (powers up weaker moves) when it evolves into Roserade.
  4. Snorunt and Glalie get Moody (randomly sharply boosts one stat, and sharply drops a different one each turn), Froslass gets Cursed Body (randomly disables your opponent's attacks)
Anyway, thanks for reading.... Go vote (http://www.pokemon.com/us/vote/#/about)! If you want to reply with what you voted for and try to rally support feel free. Justin voted for Darkrai, because he wants an english one (he has a Japanese one) and I voted Charizard because I felt like taking it back old school. Plus, I really want to try out Charizard with the DW ability... I don't really care for Blaze.

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