Thursday, June 16, 2011

Team KO Updates.. Not too much Goin' On

Sorry for the lack of updates lately guys. After getting back from the Video Game Championship I've been working 9 - 5pm everyday at a fossil site near where I live (the Gray Fossil Site). Truthfully though, not that much has happened. For those of you not following me on Twitter, this year at the Southeastern VGC was rough. Lauren, Earl, and myself all got put out in round 1. Once I was eliminated, however, I got a new goal. Apparently this year there was a new challenge, anyone attending could download a special scenario to the Battle Insititute in Nimbasa City. Once downloaded, the attendee could challenge the trainers, and based on how they did they would be scored. Top scores would be posted on a board, and my score placed fourth (6151 points).

In other news a couple of pokémon "games" have been announced for the Nintendo 3DS. One is a 3D Pokédex and is already available for free download. The 3D Pokédex only comes loaded with a few pokémon, with more being added via wifi download or by using SpotPass to interact with nearby 3DS owners. The other game is a sequel to the Pokémon Rumble released for the Wii. Not a lot has been announced about it, outside of the fact it will feature more pokémon than it's predecessor.

I still need to upload pictures for the Southeastern VGC, but I will soon. Updates may be a little less frequent due to my job, but I will try to update, at least, on Sundays.

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