Friday, May 27, 2011

Team KO and the Atlanta VGC 2011

Just kind of a reminder, Team Knockout will be attending the Video Game Championships in Atlanta, Ga next weekend. This is partically why there haven't been that many updates, as I've been rasing pokémon to compete with. So far, I have almost enough pokémon for two completely raised teams, but I'm unsure who I will actually use at the tournament. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

On a bit of a side note, as I have been trying to get several pokémon with natures I want, I have bred up a ton of pokémon with cool attacks, good natures, etc. I also go distracted breeding some of the Dream World pokémon. They are:
  • Zorua with Sucker Punch and Counter
  • Zorua with Snarl (thanks to a Japanese one from the GTS that knew this move)
  • Druddigon with Sucker Punch and Earthquake
  • Archen with Rock Slide and Earthquake
  • Litwick with Heat Wave
  • Elgyem with the Telepathy ability
  • Murkrow with the Prankster ability and Toxic, Mirror Move, Double Team
  • Aerodactyl with the Unnnerve ability and Rock Slide, Earthquake
I have more that I could potentially breed from the Dream World as I generally only accept females to send to my game, but I've been trying to not go overboard breeding pokémon that I can't use in the VGC (this year it's Unova pokémon only). If you want some of the pokémon I've bred, and trust me I'll have tons more after the Atlanta VGC, click the "Like Team Knockout" banner in the right toolbar and you'll be taken to our Facebook page. Just request what you would like and we can work out a time to trade. I am looking for some sparring partners too. This weekend/early next week I plan on finalizing my team and trying it out against other people. I've been trying to use the Random Matchup feature to test things, but since anyone can use whatever region's pokémon my Unova team ends up fighting non-Unova pokémon. This isn't that big of a deal, but since I won't be facing non-Unova pokémon in the tourney it's not that great of a test. I did stomp some people though. If you want to see me stomp some guys shiny team, check out this Battle Video in your Black or White version, 17-11901-76537.

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