Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pokémon iPod App Reviews

I've been meaning to do a tech article for quite some time now, and now that I have a little bit of free time I can. I'm sure all of us at one time have needed a Pokédex from time to time... for example, I know I've been on the road and needed to look up when certain pokémon evolve or learn moves. Hulking around huge Pokédex guides for well over 600 pokémon, however, can get to be a real pain. Well, for iPod Touch, iPhone, and potentially even iPad users, there are a wide variety of PokéDex apps which can be downloaded to your device for easy searching! I downloaded several and I'm going to review thier
versitility! Almost all of these come as a free version, so if you want to try some of these for a spin yourself, it won't cost you anything. There are also even more Dexes to choose from, however, I tested mainly ones I have heard about from other people. I also linked these to thier respective pages so that you can see screenshots of each app.

The Dex Pokémon app is a well layed out pokédex that new users can easily pick up an use. There are two versions, Free and Pro. The main difference between the two versions are the presence of ads at the bottom of the screen, however these are small and hardly a big deal. One could simply download the Free version and get the most out of the app. All pokémon up to Black and White are present, as well as thier typings, base stats, evolution chain/levels, and links to major fan sites for each pokémon. However, this app does not list levels for when pokémon get moves or have info on thier abilities. This app is more suited for players who simply are playing the game to get through it and beat thier ingame Pokédex. Players who want to breed Egg Moves, or figure out what best movesets to have on thier pokémon will have to rely on the the fansite links to give them thier information. For iPod Touch users, this means being somewhere with Wifi... which isn't readily available on long road trips.

Arguably the best PokéDex app you can get. As with the previous app, this one comes in a Free (Lite) version as well as one that you have to pay for. Unlike the previous however, I would strongly suggest buying the full version if you are a serious pokémon player ($3, which is WAY cheaper then the giant paperback PokéDex guides at retail stores). Not only does this Dex offer information on the pokémon, when they learn moves, thier egg groups, type matchups, etc.. but if you buy the full version if comes with an EV/IV tracker, an EV/IV Training Guide, and an EV Tracker. This Dex is also easy to use as you can search by Pokémon, Moves, Items, or Locations. You can even choose which game you need information for. The Dex includes seperate entries for Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, SoulSilver, Black and White!

Unfortunately, this Dex lacks information on when/how pokémon evolve. This really is the ONLY main problem this Dex has. The other is that there needs to be an update which lists the TM/HMs correctly for Black and White in the Item Seach (for example it lists TM 01 as Focus Punch, but that is based on D/P/Pt/HG/SS. In BW TM 01 is Hone Claws).

Potentially the best purely PokéDex based app when it comes to being visually appealing and easy to search. It's 2nd to Lukomon, however, since it's just a Dex and doesn't offer any information on items, nor does it have tools like the EV Tracker. It does do very good job of giving ample room to everything on the screen, sometimes the Lukomon Dex doesn't which causes me to somtimes press a wrong button or link. However, the main downfall of this Dex is the lack of a BW update. If your just playing Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, or Soulsilver only for fun however, get the free version of this Dex rather than Lukomon. You'll save money, and have pretty much everything you need outside of the tools.

After talking about several good options, it's time for the worst. Pokepedia is visually unappealing compared to other the other PokéDexes. Not only that, it suffers from horrible lag time, only goes through the Gen IV pokémon (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum), and offers less information than other Dexes. The only thing this dex offers that others don't is some trivia about each pokémon... which is hardly worth the wait time it takes to scroll down to the pokémon you want to see. The creaters, Asobi Time, say the have other pokémon apps availible in the iTunes Store but if they are as bad as this one... I wouldn't waste my time.

Anyway, there you go. If you have any comments about these apps, or if you've found some that work great for you, let us know!

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