Monday, March 14, 2011

TriCities Toy and Hobby Show Pokémon Tournaments

Next month we will be helping out the Children's Miracle Network by hosting both a TCG and DS tournament at the TriCities (Johnson City, Bristol, and Kingsport, Tennessee) Toy and Hobby show on April 16th and 17th. We're still working out the specifics, and I'll post them once I have them, check out the Toy and Hobby Show's main page if your interested.

The TCG Tournament will be held on April 16th, with registration beginning at 11am. Most likely the TCG tournament will be using Modified format rules which excludes any set older than Majestic Dawn. Anyone can enter, and there is NO registration fee outside of the $3 admission fee to get into the show. For more details on Modified TCG format simply email me at and I can forward you more indepth rules.

The DS tournament will be held April 17th with registration again opening at 11am. We will be using the newly released Pokémon Black and White for this tournament. The battles will be Flat Double Battle format. This means that all pokémon over 50 will be leveled down to 50. Additonally, double items will not be allowed (no two pokémon can hold identical items). Legendaries will also be limited, but more on that later as the rules are fleshed out over the next couple of days.

If you don't feel like competing, that shouldn't be a reason not to check us out! Our booth will also be selling pokémon cards (some as cheap as penny a piece) and you can meet with other DS trainers to battle and trade! The more the merrier!

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