Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yo! It's Joey! Have I Told You Guys About My Rattata?

What's up mugs? How's it goin'? I noticed a few of you guys haven't been returning my calls. It's cool, no big deal. Just wanted to catch up with everyone and see how it's goin'. I guess EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU have been too busy to come see me on Route 30 in Johto.. but whatev's. I've been workin' on my Rattata recently... not that it needs much work. It is in the top percentage of all Rattata after all... or it was. ;(

If you guys hadn't been doging all my calls for a rematch then you'd know by now. The worst possible thing that could of happened to me happened just recently. My poor, awesome, incredibly buff Rattata.... has evolved. It's all so very sad, but we are still goin' to keep pressing on. If anything this has given me a new goal. Now that I have a Top Percentage Raticate I will now go find and raise another Top Percentage Rattata. Together they will create a new unstoppable fighting force that will protect humanity from the evils that threaten our world.

On a different note, I heard you guys are leaving the country soon... goin' to some "You-no-vuh" place or whatever. I hear they have a bunch or rare pokémon we don't see here in Johto. I wonder if there are super rare Rattata there? Maybe I should travel some. I have been living in the same square foot of land on Route 30 for... uh... let's see... 2011 minus 1999... 11 years.

Wait.. how old am I again?

OH YEA! Follow me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/YoungstrJoeyTKO) bro'chachos! If you don't I guess I could always just call you to let you know how my life is goin'.