Saturday, February 19, 2011

BW Episode: "A Sandile Gusher of Change"

Oshawott has, yet again popped up, and Ash remembers it from helping them earlier against Team Rocket. After Oshawott chats with Pikachu a bit, Pikachu explains (and somehow Ash understands) that Oshawott wants to join Ash and Iris on thier journey. At first, Iris seems to want Oshawott, but Oshawott pushes Pikachu off of Ash's shoulder and takes his spot. This angers Pikachu who fires a Thunderbolt at Oshawott, which Oshawott deflects with it's shell right into Ash's face.

Once Ash realizes that Oshawott wants to join his team, he goes to catch it. However, when he tosses a PokéBall, it doesn't work. After the Pokéball fails, Ash realizes that the Oshawott must be the one from Prof. Juniper's Lab. After getting Oshawott's Pokéball from Prof. Juniper, Ash and Iris run outsite to find Oshawott. However, they immediately fall into a sand trap made by a Sandile. Team Rocket, trying to find Ash and Co. to steal Pikachu, also fall into a Sandile pit still inhabited by a Sandile wearing sunglasses.

A local boy helps Ash and Iris get out of the pit and explains that Sandile has been terrorizing the customers of his family's Hot Sand Spa. They all go to the Spa and Ash attempts to draw out the Sandile by buring himself in the sand along with Pikachu and Axew. Iris thinks they just want to relax in the sand though. Hiding nearby, Team Rocket watches the group along with the Sun-Shade Sandile. Sandile, which looks angry, digs it's way toward Ash, Pikachu, and Axew. Before Sandile can make it to them, however, Iris reminds Ash that they were looking for Oshawott. Oshawott seems to have found the spa as well, though, as it's nearby buried in the sand relaxing.

Sandile leaps out of the ground and attacks Axew by grabbing it in it's mouth. Ash orders a Thunderbolt, but Iris points out that Thunderbolt would hurt Axew. Pikachu, Ash, Oshawott, and Iris run over to free Axew. Pikachu's ear tickles Sandile's nose and it frees Axew. It then crabs Pikachu's hand and Oshawott's foot in it's mouth and attempts to run off with them. As soon as it tries to get away Team Rocket shows up and captures all three. As they try to escape with with thier newly stolen pokémon, more Sandile appear and force Team Rocket to retreat.

Ash and Co. catch up with Sunshade Sandile and notice that it, along with the other Sandile are trying to lead some wild Patrat, Deerling, and Pidove out of a dangerous area filled with geysers. It turns out that the Sandile were not attacking the Hot Sand Spa, but trying to warn the people about the dangerous geysers. Just then, the wild pokémon are seperated by some hot water and the Sandile make a bridge for the wild pokémon to cross safely with Ash, Oshawott, and Iris's help. With everyone safe, Ash and Co. return to the Hot Sand Spa, which is now a Hot Spring Spa, for some relaxation.

The episode ends with the Sun Shades Sandile popping it's head out of the ground and laughing as if watches Ash, Pikachu, Oshawott, Iris, and Axew swimming.

Noteworthy Events:
  • Ash catches Oshawott
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