Friday, February 25, 2011

Pokémon Black and White Bonuses From Toys 'R Us

It would appear that if you reserved your game from Toys 'R Us, you going to get a lot of cool stuff along with the window clings we mentioned earlier this month. Lauren (Tor-chic on Pokébeach) just updated me on the most recent sales paper from TRU and it shows some real awesome stuff! It's unclear if these bonuses will also be available at places like Gamestop or Best Buy, however as there were HeartGold and SoulSilver Bonuses that were exclusive to Toys 'R Us, it's highly likely that these bonuses are exclusive to only TRU and no where else.

Lauren says:
"Toys R Us will yet again be giving away a trainer kit with Black and White like they did last year with HeartGold/SoulSilver. They call it a 'Pokemon Legendary kit' and it includes: two styluses- one with Zekrom on top and the other with Reshiram, a black and white checkerboard pattern screen cleaning cloth that also has Zekrom and Reshiram on it, and two mini game cases- one opaque black, the other one opaque white. I have attached several pictures to this e-mail as the 'legendary kit' is not yet available to see online. The kit runs an $11.99 value and will be available for FREE with the purchase of Pokemon Black and White on Sunday March 6th ONLY!

The ad also advertises the Pokemon Black and White DSI bundles. They are available for pre-order on the Toys R Us website, and I have also seen them on Best Buy's website. The Black bundle contains the Black DSI and Pokemon Black version, and the White bundle has the White DSI and Pokemon White version. They run a price of $179.99. Two Black and White themed DS cases are also advertised, but these are already available at GameStop.

On top of the DSI bundles and game cases, they advertise a Pikachu DS charger, priced $29.99 (it charges DSI and DSI XL only), as well as three Spring trading card tins with the three Unova starters on the front. These tins are advertised as Toys R Us exclusives (not too sure on that one, but if thats true, thats pretty cool). The tins are $17.99.

There is also a sale for Buy One, Get One 50% ALL DS games. I don't see anything in the ad that says Black and White are excluded from the deal, so if people are looking to buy both versions, the second ought to be half off, and that's pretty cool."

If you haven't reserved your copy of Black and White yet... what's wrong with you? DO IT! From what we've seen, if you live near a Toys 'R Us, that's the place to reserve from now on.

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