Saturday, February 12, 2011

BW Episodes: "In the Shadow of Zekrom" and "Enter Iris and Axew"

In the Shadow of Zekrom

1st Commercial Break: The first episode of the Black and White season has started off relatively similar to other seasons (in fact, apparently Ash is still 10 years old :p). Ash travels to a new region (this time with Prof. Oak and his Mom) and sees a representative legendary of the region, Zekrom. Unlike other regions, however, the legendary attacks Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket in the middle of TR's attempt to steal Pikachu. Several name pronunciations have been verified, like Patrat (Puh-trat).

2nd Commercial Break: It appears that Ash's new rival is named Trip. He's kind of a jerk, but no real surprise there. Ash meets the starters Tepid, Oshawott, and Shivy. Trip chooses Shivy, but it's obvious that Ash like's Oshawott. Ash and Trip battle, but Ash's Pikachu is unable to use Electric attacks. There's no reason that Ash's Pikachu should have lost, even without Electric attacks... but it did. On the plus side though, attack animations for the show have gotten a big upgrade.

3rd Commercial Break: Prof. Juniper explains that apparently, Zekrom uses it's Thunderbolts as judgements from above. Does that mean Ash's Pikachu is unworthy to use electric moves? The episode ends with Pikachu firing electric attacks uncontrollably. The plot is to be continued in "Enter Iris and Axew."

Enter Iris and Axew

1st Commercial Break: The epiosde picks up where the last one left off. Apparently, Pikachu firing off electricity in the prescence of Zekrom unlocked it's ability to use electric moves again. For whatever reason, Ash decides to test Pikachu's attacks... on himself... weirdo. Prof. Juniper sends Ash toward the first Gym in Striaton City. On the way to Striaton City, Ash runs into Iris and Axew... and Pikachu fries Iris. Team Rocket reports to Giovanni, and it is explained why Team Rocket doesn't have thier pokémon outside of Meowth. Apparently if they use non-Unova pokémon they will stand out too much. Giovanni's plan appears to be to use Jessie, James, and Meowth as bait to bring out the "other mysterious organization in Unova."

2nd Commercial Break: Oshawott is still following Ash and Pikachu as Ash comes across a ton of wild Pidove. Now, with Pikachu able to use Electric attacks, defeating 1 Pidove was easy.. but then the entire flock attacks. After a majority of the flock leaves, Ash battles a straggler and is able to catch it making it the first Unova Pokémon he's caught. Iris makes fun of Ash's excitement, calling him a kid (which will probably be her catch phase just like Dawn always said "no need to worry." Cutting the excitement, Team Rocket attacks capturing Pikachu and Axew. The new motto is.. a tad too dramatic.

3rd Commercial Break: To counter Team Rocket, Ash sends out his new Pidove against Meowth (with Meowth getting beaten somehow). While reporting to Giovanni earlier in the episode, Jessie seems to have caught a Woobat which she uses to defeat Ash's Pidove. After seeming them escape in thier balloon (which is no longer a Meowth ballon.. too flashy I guess) Oshawott appears and busts the balloon by throwing it's shell. Oshawott then helps defeat Woobat just as Team Rocket use a smoke ball to escape.  Ash and Iris take thier pokémon to the Pokémon Center to be healed by Nurse Joy. The Unova region Joys are different than other regions, but they are still called Joys. The episode ends with Oshawott peeking in the center at Ash and Pikachu.


These first two episodes of the Black and White series are interesting in that they are very familiar. They remind me a lot of the first couple episodes of the first season. Ash is once again, clueless. He forgets he has to weaken a pokémon before catching it, allows his Pikachu to be beaten by a newly acquired Snivy, etc. Team Rocket is more goal driven like they were in the first couple of episodes in the first season. They even escaped before Pikachu could thrash them like it usually does. So yea, no blasting off. I think this is great, it's time the started acting more like villians and less like morons. I look forward to more episodes of Black and White, mainly to see what kind of rival Trip turns out to be. Either he'll be annoying but likeable like Gary.. or a complete jerk like Paul. I can't stand Paul.

Noteworthy Events:
  • Ash learns about Zekrom
  • Pikachu loses, but later regains, the ability to use electric moves
  • Ash meets Oshawott and is later followed by it
  • Ash loses his first Unova battle VS Trip
  • Ash meets Iris and Axew
  • Ash catches a Pidove
  • Team Rocket reveals themselves and Jessie shows she caught a Woobat