Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

We here at Team KO want to wish everyone a safe and fun Valentine's Day! Spend time with those you love most, and let them know you care! I'm about to go buy something special for my Rattata, maybe a really big running wheel!

For those of you out there still needing something to give your friends and loved ones, you can always download one of the TKO Pokémon Valentine's Cards. Just save them to your computer and then you can either print them out to give to people, post them to a friends Facebook wall, tweet them... well just about whatever except attach them to a pokémon and trade 'em to people!

Next year I'm making a Rattata one since MattG. didn't. Maybe I can make some St. Patrick's day ones... too bad Rattata's aren't green...

Call You Later,