Saturday, February 26, 2011

BW Episode: "Battle Club and Tepig's Choice"

On thier way to Striaton City, Ash and Iris stop at a Battle Club so that Ash can practice before challenging his first Gym. At the Battle Club, they watch a battle between a Dewott (the evolved form of Oshawott) and a Servine (the evolved form of Shivy). Dewott is able to defeat Servine, and the manager of the Battle Club shows up and tells the Servine trainer to go get his Servine healed. The manager, Don George, explains how the Battle Club works and Ash challenges the Dewott trainer. Ash sends out Pikachu, but Oshawott escapes his pokéball and acts like he wants to battle. However, as soon as he sees the Dewott, Oshawott pushes Pikachu forward to battle instead. Pikachu then battles the Dewott and is winning until Team Rocket and a mysterious pokémon trip an alarm an a Battle Club storage room.

After reviewing the video, Ash recognizes Team Rocket in the video. Don George also notices a mysterious pokémon. It's shadowed over, so Ash thinks it might be an Umbreon. This excites Don George and his assistants as Umbreon isn't native to Unova. Don George, Ash, Iris, and the Battle Club assistants prepare to try to capture the Umbreon. Team Rocket, thinking they are looking for them, over hears that it's Umbreon thier looking for. Jessie decides to disguise Meowth as an Umbreon while they steal from the Battle Club storage room. After Don George and his assistants see the disguised Meowth, they start to chase him like Jessie planned.

Elsewhere, Ash and his pokémon along with Iris set out some pokémon food to attract Umbreon. Ash then leaves to get more food, and Pikachu and Oshawott stay to keep look out. Oshawott starts eating all the food, and when Pikachu tries to stop him, Oshawott pushes Pikachu away. Pikachu falls backward and several boxes and a pan fall on his head, knocking him out. Team Rocket shows up after Oshawott eats so much it falls asleep. While looking for anything worth stealing they find the KO'd Pikachu under a box.

While setting out food, Ash discovers that the "Umbreon" is actually a dirty and starving Tepig. The Tepig has a rope around it's mouth, which has kept it from eating. Ash befriends the Tepig and removes the rope from around it's mouth and it eats it's fill. Don George and his assistants finally catch up with Meowth as well, and Meowth feels bad for leading them on. He explains he's just a talking Meowth, and leaves. Don George acts disappointed that they were just chasing a talking Meowth until one of his assistants explains that a talking Meowth is also rare.. but it was too late. Meowth was already gone.

The two groups both meet up in front of the Battle Club and Ash shows Don George the Tepig. Don George explains the Tepig belonged to a trainer who abandoned it by tying it to a post. Don George tried to untie him, but the Tepig was able to chew through the rope and escape before he could. The remaining rope must have become tangled around Tepigs snout after it escaped, which kept it from eating. Oshawott then shows up and points out Team Rocket trying to sneak away with a large bag. Ash hears Pikachu and tries to order Oshawott to use Water Gun to free Pikachu. Team Rocket activates a device which protects them and they being to fly away in thier new machine. Tepid then volunteers to save Pikachu and Ash orders him to use Ember. The machine explodes, Pikachu escapes, and TR escapes on hang gliders.

Afterwards, Iris explains that she wants to catch Tepig, but Tepig chooses to go with Ash instead. Team Rocket reports to Giovanni, who says he has a new mission for them. There's a place that needs investigating.

Noteworthy Events:
  • Ash gets a Tepig.
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UPDATE: Eh.. I'm not doing any more of these. It's boring. I thought it would grow on me.. it hasn't. You want to know what's happening in the series? Watch it.

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