Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Black and White Names Confirmed

The Nintendo Magazine in the UK has confirmed some more of the names from the list I posted earlier this month. Excadrill, Sewaddle, and Alomomola are now official names. To see pictures of these guys, as well as the full list of other pokémon in Black and White, click here. All of the names in blue have been confirmed.

In addtion the magazine has also reveiled two new moves:

Struggle Bug: Bug Type Special Move. 30 power, 100% accurate. Stuggle Bug has a chance of lowering the opponents special attack. It will be a TM move.

Drill Run: Ground Type Physical Move. 80 power, 95% accurate move. It is a move commonly associated with drills and learned by pokémon like Rhyperior or Excadrill. It has a high critial hit ratio similar to moves like Leaf Blade or Slash.

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