Saturday, January 29, 2011

Call of Legends Report (Sevierville, TN)

Aaron and I are about to leave for Sevierville, TN. Round records will be posted via mobile throughout the day. The bonus for this prerelease was a deck box you have to build yourself. The set is kinda disappointing too, mostly reprints for other HGSS.

Round 1: Aaron 1/0, Matt 0/1, Tim 0/1
Round 2: Aaron 1/1, Matt 1/1, Tim: 1/1
Round 3: Aaron 1/2, Matt 2/1, Tim: 1/2 (Aaron and I had to play against each other.)
Round 4: Aaron: 2/2, Matt: 3/1, Tim: 2/2 (I got a bye this round.)
Round 5: Aaron: 2/3, Matt: 4/1, Tim: 3/2.

Even though the set was disappointing, the tourney wasn't! As a team we did great. Team record for Call of Legends: 9/6.

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