Sunday, January 30, 2011

XtraNormal Pokémon Chaining

I made this on XtraNormal (the same site that has recently made some Geico commercials). Make your own XtraNormal Pokémon related video and send us the link! If they're good, we'll post 'em on here for the world to see!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Call of Legends Report (Sevierville, TN)

Aaron and I are about to leave for Sevierville, TN. Round records will be posted via mobile throughout the day. The bonus for this prerelease was a deck box you have to build yourself. The set is kinda disappointing too, mostly reprints for other HGSS.

Round 1: Aaron 1/0, Matt 0/1, Tim 0/1
Round 2: Aaron 1/1, Matt 1/1, Tim: 1/1
Round 3: Aaron 1/2, Matt 2/1, Tim: 1/2 (Aaron and I had to play against each other.)
Round 4: Aaron: 2/2, Matt: 3/1, Tim: 2/2 (I got a bye this round.)
Round 5: Aaron: 2/3, Matt: 4/1, Tim: 3/2.

Even though the set was disappointing, the tourney wasn't! As a team we did great. Team record for Call of Legends: 9/6.

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Desktop Background

I made everyone a new desktop background. This one is inspired by the Pokémon Tower from Red/Blue and features Haunter and Marowak. It's dimensions are set to 1024 x 768 and is a PNG image to preserve quality. Enjoy!

Black and White Reserve Bonus

Lauren (Tor-chic if your a Pokebeach fan) has just informed me that she has found out what the Toys R Us reserve bonus for Black and White is going to be. Apparently, instead of getting cool figures like with Platinum, Heartgold, and SoulSilver... we will be getting Zekrom and Reshiram window clings. Whoo hoo.

It's unclear if this bonus will be just at TRU or if it's going to be the bonus that is also given away at places like Wal-mart and Gamestop, however it is highly likely. Like Lauren said, "TRU and Gamestop have given out the same reserve bonuses with the last 3 games. Both gave out the Dialga/Palkia stylus with D/P, Giratina figures with Platinum, and the Ho-oh/Lugia figures with HG/SS."

For Heartgold and Soulsilver TRU gave away, in addtion to the Lugia and Ho-oh figures, DS kits which had a Lugia and Ho-oh screen wipe as well as Gold and Silver DS cartridge holders and tshirts, so it's possible that the window clings are not the only bonus for reserving at TRU. I'll post pictures when we get 'em.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pokemon Valentine's Day Cards

With February coming up, I whipped up a couple funny pokémon themed Valentine's Day Cards! You can share them with your friends on sites like Facebook or Myspace.. or even print them out and give them to friends! I'm planning on making more, so keep checking back.

If you have suggestions for a pokemon valentines card... post a comment. I may make it if it's good.

I made more! Click here! I wanted to make a TR one, but it didn't come out well. I'll have one fore next Valentine's Day for sure!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Team KO 2011 Patch

So here is the first prototype patch I've made for the 2011 Video Game Championships. I figure that since Black and White will be out by the time VGC's roll around, the patch should feature Reshiram and Zekrom. Opinions?

I plan on getting some kind of patch made for you guys to show your Team KO pride at tournies this summer.. this one is just the first one I've made.. more options to come. Unless, of course, everyone loves this one. Post your comments!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Team KO Shop

As I've been going through my card collection I've notived I have a lot of doubles of cards (for example I have 3 Tyranitar Prime). Unless I plan on building a deck or something, most of these cards are pointless to have around and they are starting to take up a lot of space.

Because of this, I've decided to start selling a lot of my spares on Ebay. I have created a link for the TKO Shop in the page bar at the top of this page. Right now I only have some of the cards I'm selling listed, however I will be listing more and more as time goes by. Addtionally, I was thinking of selling TKO merch as well. For example, I'm talking with someone currently about making some Team KO patches for the coming tournament year. These patches will likely feature Reshiram and Zekrom, and will probably be dated 2011 so everyone can show thier Team KO support at this year's various tournaments (both Trading Card and Video Game Championships should be later this summer).

If you guys are interested in potentially purchasing a Team KO patch, comment! If there are alot of people interested I'll put in the order.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Black and White Names Confirmed

The Nintendo Magazine in the UK has confirmed some more of the names from the list I posted earlier this month. Excadrill, Sewaddle, and Alomomola are now official names. To see pictures of these guys, as well as the full list of other pokémon in Black and White, click here. All of the names in blue have been confirmed.

In addtion the magazine has also reveiled two new moves:

Struggle Bug: Bug Type Special Move. 30 power, 100% accurate. Stuggle Bug has a chance of lowering the opponents special attack. It will be a TM move.

Drill Run: Ground Type Physical Move. 80 power, 95% accurate move. It is a move commonly associated with drills and learned by pokémon like Rhyperior or Excadrill. It has a high critial hit ratio similar to moves like Leaf Blade or Slash.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pokémon Black and White Mall Tour

For the release of Pokémon Black and White, Nintendo will be sponsoring a Mall Tour. This tour will allow fans a chance to play Black and White before it comes out in stores (if you go to the earlier ones, some of the dates are after the release of BW), see the Zoroark movie in the mall theaters, as well as other pokémon activities. Additionally, there will be a Celebi giveaway at the mall tour, but this Celebi is the same as the one being given away @ Gamestop in Feburary so if you don't get to make it to the mall tour it's not that big of a deal. The only difference is the Orignal Trainer. Rather than being OT Gamestp, it's OT WIN2011.

The Pokémon Black Version and White Version Tour will run through March 20th (BW comes out March 6th) in the following cities:

February 5th and 6th:
  • Seattle, WA (Westfield Southcenter, Seattle, WA)
  • Cleveland, OH (Westfield SouthPark, Strongsville, OH)
February 12th and 13th:
  • San Jose, CA (Westfield Oakridge, San Jose, CA)
  • Memphis, TN (Wolfchase Galleria, Memphis, TN)
February 19th and 20th:
  • Los Angeles, CA (Westfield Santa Anita, Arcadia, CA)
  • Indianapolis, IN (Castleton Square, Indianapolis, IN)
February 26th and 27th:
  • Denver, CO (Town Center at Aurora, Aurora, CO)
  • Philadelphia, PA (Franklin Mills, Philadelphia, PA)
March 4th, 5th and 6th:
  • New York, NY (Westfield Garden State Plaza, Paramus, NJ) on 4th & 5th.
  • Minneapolis, MN (Mall of America®, Bloomington, MN) on 5th & 6th.
March 12th and 13th:
  • Dallas, TX (Grapevine Mills, Grapevine, TX)
  • Atlanta, GA (Discover Mills, Lawrenceville, GA)
March 19th and 20th:
  • Phoenix, AZ (Arizona Mills, Tempe, AZ)
  • Jacksonville, FL (Orange Park Mall, Orange Park, FL)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Complete List of Pronunciations for the New Pokémon in Black and White

A new list of names has been circulating around the internet... and it contains some names already leaked by Nintendo, so many are clamoring that it's real. Below are the spites as well as the names of the pokémon associated with them and what words were combined to make thier names.

Update, 9:30pm: I have added a proprosed pronunciation guide for each name as I read them. These are subject to change as Nintendo offically announces names. Names in blue are confirmed.

Update, Feb. 14, 2011: Many sites like Serebii and Pokebeach have accepted this list a true.. so we can pretty much assume these are ALL confirmed.
A Special Thanks to Help From: Aaron A., Thomas R., CMP, Zames Ra G., and the community members of

#494 - Victini:  [Vick-teen-ee]  Victory + Tiny.
#495 - Snivy:  [Sny-vee] Snake + Ivy.
#496 - Servine:  [Sir-vine] Serpent + Vine.
#497 - Serperior:  [Sir-peer-ee-or] Serpent + Superior.
#498 - Tepig: [Tep-ig] Tepid + Pig.
#499 - Pignite: [Pig-nite] Pig + Ignite.
#500 - Emboar: [Em-bore] Ember + Boar.
#501 - Oshawott: [Osh-a-what] Ocean + Water + Otter.
#502 - Dewott: [Do-what] Dew + Otter.
#503 - Samurott: [Sam-ur-ott] Samurai + Otter.
#504 - Patrat: [Puh-trat] Patrol + Rat.
#505 - Watchog: [Watch-og] Watch + Hog.
#506 - Lillipup: [Lily-pup] Lilliputian (meaning trivial or small) + Pup.
#507 - Herdier: [Herd-ee-er] Herd + Terrier
#508 - Stoutland: [Stout-land] Stout + Scotland (Scottish Sheepdog).
#509 - Purrloin: [Purr-loin] Pur + purloin (to steal).
#510 - Liepard: [Lye-pard] Lie + Leopard.
#511 - Pansage: [Pan-sage] Pan (genus for Chimps) + Sage.
#512 - Simisage: [Sim-y-sage] Simian + Sage.
#513 - Pansear: [Pan-seer] Pan + Sear.
#514 - Simisear: [Sim-y-sear] Simian + Sear.
#515 - Panpour: [Pan-por] Pan + Pour.
#516 - Simipour: [Sim-y-por] Simian + Pour.
#517 - Munna: [Moo-nuh] Keeps it's JP name.
#518 - Musharna: [Moo-shar- nuh] Keeps it's JP name.
#519 - Pidove: [Pih-dove] Pidgeon + Dove.
#520 - Tranquill: [Tran-qwill] Tranquil + Quill.
#521 - Unfezant: [Un-fez-ant] Unfazed (or possibly Unpleasent) + Pheasent.

#522 - Blitzle: [Blitz-ill] Blitz + sparkle.
#523 - Zebstrika: [Zeb-strike-uh] Zebra + Striker.
#524 - Roggenrola: [Rog-en-roll-uh] ROCK AND ROLLER!
#525 - Boldore: [Bold-ore] Unique spelling of the word "Boulder". Also Bold + ore.
#526 - Gigalith: [Gig-uh-lith] Giga + Lith (means stone or rock).
#527 - Woobat: [Woo-bat] Woo (to make someone fall in love) + Bat.
#528 - Swoobat: [Swoo-bat] Swoon (a state of being in love) + Bat.
#529 - Drilbur: [Drill-bur] Drill + burrow.
#530 - Excadrill: [Ex-cuh-drill] Excavate + Drill.
#531 - Audino: [Odd-dee-no] Possibly a play on Audio?
#532 - Timburr: [Tim-bur] Unique spelling of the word "Timber". Also Urr makes it sound unintellegent.
#533 - Gurdurr: [Grr-dur] Unique spelling of the word "Girder". Also Durr makes it sound unintellegent.
#534 - Conkeldurr: [Conk-el-dur] Concrete + elder. Durr makes it sound unintellegent.. a sterotype for bodybuilders.
#535 - Tympole: [Tim-pole] Tympanic Membrane (aka Eardrum) + Tadpole.
#536 - Palpitoad: [Pal-pi-toad] Palpitate (to vibrate rabidly) + Toad.
#537 - Seismitoad: [Size-mi-toad] Seismic + Toad.
#538 - Throh: [Throw] THROW!
#539 - Sawk: [Sock] SOCK! (Like to hit someone.. not the sock you wear.)
#540 - Sewaddle: [Sew-oddle] Sew + Swaddle (to wrap).
#541 - Swadloon: [Swad-loon] Swaddle + Cocoon.
#542 - Leavanny: [Lea-vanny] Leaf + Nanny.
#543 - Venipede: [Vin-ee-peed] Venom + Centipede.
#544 - Whirlipede: [Whirl-i-peed] Whirl + Centipede.
#545 - Scolipede: [Scol-i-peed] Scolopendra (Centipede genus) + Centipede.
#546 - Cottonee: [Cotton-knee] Possibly just a unique spelling of "cottony".
#547 - Whimsicott: [Whim-see-cot] Whimsical + Cotton.
#548 - Petilil: [Pet-ee-lil] Petite (small) + Lily.
#549 - Lilligant: [Lil-e-gant] Lilly + Elegant.

#550 - Basculin: [Bass-cue-lin] Bass + Masculine (Manly).
#551 - Sandile: [San-dile] Sand + Crocodile.
#552 - Krokorok: [Croc-o-rock] ???
#553 - Krookodile: [Crook-o-dile] Crook + Crocodile.
#554 - Darumaka: [Dar-oo-mak-a] Daruma + makka (crimson)
#555 - Darmanitan: [Dar-man-eh-tan] Daruma (a type of doll) + Orangutan.
#556 - Maractus: [Mar-ack-tus, but also could be Mar-ock-tus] Maraca + Cactus.
#557 - Dwebble: [Dweh-bull] Dweeb + Pebble.
#558 - Crustle: [Crust-ull] Crust + Pebble.
#559 - Scraggy: [Scrag-ee] Actual word meaning very skinny.
#560 - Scrafty: [Scraf-tee] Scraggy + Crafty.
#561 - Sigilyph: [Si-gil-liff] Sigil (magical marking) + Glyph (type of stone writing.. like heiroGLYPHics).
#562 - Yamask: [Yah-mask] Yama (Lord of Death in Hindu) + Mask.
#563 - Cofagrigus: [Cough-uh-gre-gus] Coffin +  Egregrious (very scary or shocking).
#564 - Tirtouga: [Ter-too-guh] Turtle + Tortuga (spanish for turtle).
#565 - Carracosta: [Care-uh-cost-uh] Carapace (or Carry) + Costa (refering to the Coast).
#566 - Archen: [Arch-en] Arch + Chicken (?)
#567 - Archeops: [Arch-ee-ops] Shortening of Archeopteryx.
#568 - Trubbish: [Trub-ish] Trash + Rubbish.
#569 - Garbodor: [Garb-oh-dor] Garbage + odor.
#570 - Zorua: [Zor-oo-uh] Keeps it's JP name.
#571 - Zoroark: [Zoro-ark] Keeps it's JP name.
#572 - Minccino: [Men-cino] Mini + Chincilla + chino (pants).
#573 - Cinccino: [Sin-cino?] Chinchilla + chino.
#574 - Gothita: [Goth-eat-uh] Goth + lolita.
#575 - Gothorita: [Goth-or-eat-uh] Goth + Senorita.
#576 - Gothitelle: [Goth-it-elle] Goth + madmoiselle.
#577 - Solosis: [Solo-sis] Solo + Mitosis (how cells spit).

#578 - Duosion: [Duo-see-un] Duo + Division.
#579 - Reuniclus: [Re-uni-clus] Reunion + Nucleus (the "brain" of a cell).
#580 - Ducklett: [Duck-let] Just means small duck.
#581 - Swanna: [Swan-uh] Keeps it's JP name.
#582 - Vanillite: [Vuh-nil-ite] Vanilla + Light (as in less calories or small.)
#583 - Vanillish: [Vuh-nil-ish] Vanilla + the suffix -ish meaning sort of. Possibly also from delish or dish.
#584 - Vanilluxe: [Vuh-nil-lux] Vanilla + Deluxe.
#585 - Deerling: [Deer-ling] Deer + Sapling. (May also reference "yearling").
#586 - Sawsbuck: [Saws-buck] SAWS is the acronym for Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring + Buck.
#587 - Emolga: [Emol-guh] Electric + Momonga (flying squirrel).
#588 - Karrablast: [Care-uh-blast] Carapace + Blast.
#589 - Escavalier: [Es-cav-uh-leer] Excalibur + Cavalier (meaning chivelrous, like a knight). Some have suggested the "Esca" is from escargo, which is also possible.
#592 - Frillish: [Frill-ish] Frill + Fish.
#593 - Jellicent: [Jell-e-sent] Jelly + Magnificent.
#594 - Alomomola: [Alo-mom-ola] A play on the genus and species of sunfish, Mola mola as well as Mom.
#595 - Joltik: [Jolt-ick] Jolt + ick (meaning gross, it could also just mean Tick).
#596 - Galvantula: [Gal-van-tu-luh] Galvanize (an electrochemical process used to protect metal from rust) + Tarantula.
#597 - Ferroseed: [Fair-oh-seed] Ferro (means Iron) + Seed.
#598 - Ferrothorn: [Fair-oh-thorn] Ferro + Thorn.
#599 - Klink: [Clink] Sound made when metal hits metal.
#600 - Klang: [Clang] Sound made when metal hits metal.
#601 - Klinklang: [Clink-lang] Sound made when metal hits metal.
#602 - Tynamo: [Ty-nuh-moh] Tiny + Dynamo (electrical generator).
#603 - Eelektrik: [Eel-lek-trick] Eel + Electric.
#604 - Eelektross: [Eel-lek-tross] Eel + Electric + Gross (or Boss).
#605 - Elgyem: [El-gee-em]The spelling out of the acronym LGM, meaning Little Green Men.

#606 - Beheeyem: [Bea-hee-yem] The spelling out of the acronym BEM, meaning Bug Eyed Monster.
#607 - Litwick: [Lit-wick] Little + Wick.
#608 - Lampent: [Lam-pent] Lamp + lament.
#609 - Chandelure: [Shan-del-lure] Chandelier + Lure.
#610 - Axew: [Axe-ew] Axe + askew
#611 - Fraxure: [Frax-your] Fracture + Axe.
#612 - Haxorus: [Hax-or-us] Hack + Ax + Saurus.
#613 - Cubchoo: [Cub-chu] Cub + Achoo.
#614 - Beartic: [Beh-ar-tic] Bear + Arctic.
#615 - Cryogonal: [Cry-og-onal] Cryogenic + Hexagonal.
#616 - Shelmet: [Shell-met] Shell + Helmet.
#617 - Accelgor: [Accel-gore] Accelorate + vigor.
#618 - Stunfisk: [Stun-fisk] Stun + Fish + Risk (or possibly Disk).
#619 - Mienfoo: [Me-en-foo] mein (inner self) + kung fu.
#620 - Mienshao: [Me-en-schow] mein (inner self) + shaolin.
#621 - Druddigon: [Drud-dig-on] Drudge (means tedious) + Dragon.
#622 - Golett: [Goal-et] Golem + lett (means small).
#623 - Golurk: [Goal-lurk] Golem + Lurk.
#624 - Pawniard: [Pawn-ee-ard] Pawn + Guard.
#625 - Bisharp: [Bish-arp] Bishop + Sharp.
#626 - Bouffalant: [Boof+a+lant] Bouffant (hairstyle) + Gallant.
#627 - Rufflet: [Rough-let] Rough + Eaglet (baby eagle).
#628 - Braviary: [Brave-ee-airy] Brave + Aviary (where one keeps birds).
#629 - Vullaby: [Vul-uh-bye] Vulture + Lullaby.
#630 - Mandibuzz: [Man-dee-buzz] Mandible + Buzzard.
#631 - Heatmor: [Heat-more] Heat + Mortar.
#632 - Durant: [Dur-ant] Durable + Ant.
#633 - Deino: [Dye-no] Dinosaur + Eins is germain for 1.

#634 - Zweilous: [Zvye-lous] Zwei (German for 2) + bicephalous (having two heads).
#635 - Hydreigon: [Hi-dry-gon] Hydra + Drei (German for 3) + Dragon.
#636 - Larvesta: [Lar-vest-uh] Larva + Vesta.
#637 - Volcarona: [Vol-kuh-rona] Volcano + Chrona.
#638 - Cobalion: [Koba-leon] Cobalt is a type of metal.
#639 - Terrakion: [Terra-leon] Terra means earth.
#640 - Virizion: [Veer-iz-eon] Viridian is a dark-green tint.
#641 - Tornadus: [Tor-nade-us]Tornado + -us to make it a name.
#642 - Thundurus: [Thun-der-us] Thunder + -us to make it a name.
#643 - Reshiram: [Resh-ir-am] Keeps JP name.
#644 - Zekrom: [Zek-rom] Keeps JP name.
#645 - Landorus: [Land-or-us] Land + -orus to make it a name.
#646 - Kyurem: (Kyou-rem] Keeps JP name.

The final three pokémon Kerudio, Genosect, and Melodia have yet to have thier english names announced, but they are likely to stay the same.

UPDATE: The english names are Keldeo, Genesect, Meloetta.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More New Pokémon Names

IGN has an article with several of the Black and White are listed with thie english names. Some new attacks are announced too! My favorite english name out of the group is Braviary (Wargle is it's japanese name).

Newly Released English Names

Additionally, if anyone knows the basis of Cofagrigus (Desukaan's japanese name) let me know. I get the Coffin part... but what is "grigus" from?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Because Jack O' Lanterns Aren't Enough.. Now there's Snow!

Wild Regice Appeared!

Freakin' Sweet Regice Snowman!
As readers of this blog know, every year we make pokémon themed Jack O' Lanterns. We got enough snow recently that we thought we'd give snowmen a shot. I personally love the Regis, so Regice became the project. Regice's fingers and back crystals were going to be a problem.. so we went and broke off some icicles from around our apartment complex to make those. It's hard to make out the fingers do to the camera flash though. Anyway, for those of you that have lots of snow as well, try making PokéSnowMon as well! Email your submissions to and I'll post them! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Featured Pokémon: Salamence

By: Justin S.

Salamence, Pokemon #373, and one of the pseudo-legendaries. And my favorite Pokemon, if I may add.

Salamence has made a name for Dragon-types, being more powerful than the first Dragon-type introduced, Dragonite. Since then, only legendary Dragons are stronger in both Attack and Sp. Attack (base 135 and 110 respectively is not something to be taken lightly). With a base 100 Speed, and Dragon Dance as a possible move, Salamence becomes virtually unstoppable after a couple Speed and Attack boosts.

While the physical-special split was unkind to quite a few Pokemon, Salamence embraced it with open arms (or claws). Dragon Claw was made physical, which means Salamence can use its 135 Attack (which maxes out at 404) to boost a STAB base 80 attack that only Steel-types resist, and only Shedinja avoids completely. But Salamence is not a one trick pony: with plenty of special and physical attacks to choose from, you can’t always predict what someone has set on their Salamence. For physical, Salamence can easily run with moves like Dragon Claw, Aerial Ace, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt, Fire and Thunder Fang, Crunch, Shadow Claw and Dragon Rush, with a Dragon Dance to increase its strength. Its special moveset doesn’t lack either, with Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Draco Meteor, Hydro Pump, and Ominous Wind looking like good choices. With the right moveset, Salamence can destroy entire teams outside the Uber tier.

Salamence’s ability, Intimidate, reduces the Attack stat of the opponent by one stage…which helps with its rather low Defense. You can also switch out after Intimidate kicks in to something more suited for the opponent, then switch back to Salamence for Intimidate again. Really quite useful against other physical sweepers in the Uber tier.

Now for its weaknesses. Seeing as how Salamence is a Dragon/Flying type, it has two x2 weaknesses (Rock and Dragon), and the dreaded x4 weakness to Ice. Salamence isn’t the only one with this issue, but with its less than ideal defensive stats, it can’t survive an Ice Beam from an Uber. The only solution is for Salamence to be faster than its opponent, and take it out in one shot; however, this is sometimes easier said than done.

Regardless, Salamence is right where it belongs; in the Uber tier. It’s too good for OU, so it belongs with the Uber legendaries, Wobbuffet the blob, and its fellow Dragon pseudo, Garchomp.

Feel free to ask for any Salamence suggestions.