Friday, December 31, 2010

Even More Events! Celebi @ Gamestop!

So among the last events to be given away to the 4th gen games, Celebi is next! Pokebeach and Serebii have posted that the Celebi event will be held the last week of Feb. and the first week of March. This Celebi can be downloaded to Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver... and when sent to HeartGold and SoulSilver, will unlock a special side mission in the Ilex Forest.

Even cooler, once the Celebi is sent to Black and White, it allow the player to get a Zorua from an ingame trainer.

The Celebi is at Level 50 and is holding a Jacoba Berry. It knows Leaf Storm, Recover, Nasty Plot, and Healing Wish. The OT is "Gamestp" and its Trainer ID is 02271.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pokemon Black and White Hits States 3/6

If you haven't heard already, Nintendo sent out this mailer that Pokemon Black and White will be released on March 6th.

Additonally, Nintendo has released a press release which announced some of the US names for the pokemon. They are:

  • Professor Araragi: Professor Juniper
  • Hiun City: Castelia City
  • Chillarmy: Minccino
  • Gigaith: Gigalith
  • Munna: Munna
  • Hihidaruma: Darmanitan
  • Meguroc: Sandile
  • Mamepato: Pidove
  • Shimama: Blitzle
  • Gear: Klink
  • Monkey trio: Pansage (Grass), Pansear (Fire), and Panpour (Water)
Some ability and attack names have also be released.
  • Encourage ability: Sheer Force
  • Overconfidence ability: Moxie
  • Pigeon Heart ability: Big Pecks
  • Sweep Slap attack: Tail Slap
  • Wild Bolt attack: Wild Charge
  • Telekinesis attack: Telekinesis

Monday, December 20, 2010

Shiny Legendary Beasts Event in January!

The next Pokémon event is gearing up next month! Shiny versions of Entei, Raikou, and Suicune will be given away thoughout January (and early Feb) at GameStop. The event works for Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, and Soulsilver so if you have multiple games you can really stock up! Besides being shiny, they also know moves that they can't normally learn (for example they all have ExtremeSpeed). Each week is a different beast.

Jan. 3rd thru Jan. 9th - Shiny Raikou
Jan. 17th thru Jan. 23rd - Shiny Entei
Jan. 31st thru Feb. 6th - Shiny Suicune

You will need these guys once Black and White come out by the way. Without at least one of these to transfer over you cannot capture the new pokémon Zoroark. As with all DS events each is in a Cherish Ball and have a Classic Ribbon. All of the shinies, and Zoroark, will star in the next pokémon movie this spring!

*Update: Toys 'R us is also has an event coming up as well. Between Jan 30th and Feb 5th TRU will be giving away Ash's Pikachu. It's doesn't activate anything, but it does have Ash as the OT and knows moves that Ash's Pikachu knows in the show.

*Another Update: The Gamestop Shiny Beasts are now available via Wifi download throughout February! Full story here.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reserves for Pokémon Black and White at TRU

Toy's R Us is now takin reserves for Pokémon Black and White. I assume other places, such as GameStop, probably are taking them as well. Unfortunately, according to Lauren the reserve doesn't give a date for when you can pick up the game. It just says Spring 2011, which we already knew. If more comes to light on an official date, I'll be sure to post it on here.

Until then, enjoy this funny picture... I'm pretty sure this is how GameFreak cleared out the Ghosts in Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower so they could make it into a Radio Station.

Pokémon and Ghostbusters..... superb.... I think Haunter is in for some real trouble here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Featured Pokémon: Delibird

By: Earl III

Delivering Presents just in time for the holidays is 225th pokemon, Delibird. Delibird is known as the Delivery Pokemon, and first appeared in the pokémon games Gold and Silver. This Ice/Flying Pokémon originally could ONLY be caught in Silver, but has since been found in the wild in more games, such as FireRed, Colosseum, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and of course, Soul Silver.

Delibird keeps food rolled up in its tail, which it uses to feed its chicks awaiting its return. Delibird is a generous Pokemon, as it is known to share food with people who are lost in the mountains.

The only attack Delibird knows in the wild is Present. Present is a physical attack of a non-specific power that gives a booby-trapped gift to the foe. Sometimes, however, Delibird will give its foe a present that will restore HP. I'm not sure if Delibird just accidently picked out the wrong gift to give, or maybe its SO generous, it couldn't help but to heal its foe a little bit. Either way, the move Present is quite the double-edged sword.

Delibird overall is merely a mediocre Pokemon, with not one of its stats breaching 300 at its best. Its highest stat is HP, followed by speed, and then special attack. The kicker is that it's only known move is physical, and so are MOST of its other learnable moves. It can learn moves by way of TMs, Move Tutors, and Breeding.

So, could Delibird be used at all? Of course it COULD be used, but I wouldn't recommend using it as a competitive pokemon. Delibird is a well rounded Pokeathlon contestant though, with at least 3 stars in each of its Pokeathlon stats.

So, if Delibird is not that great of a Pokemon, then why would we feature it as the Pokémon of the Month? December is often associated with gift giving and generosity due to the holidays, and what better Pokémon than Delibird is there to represent this? Look at it! It even looks like it has holiday spirit!