Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Call for Writers!

As we get ever closer to the release to Black and White this spring, I would like to attempt to assemble a team of writers to basically report on thier respective journey through Unova, what they liked/disliked, possibly even strategies. To do this I'm putting a call out to you, the readers.

Of course, as a writer for TKO you can also write flavor stories, like the story I wrote here for example. There are only a few guidelines that I have for writers on this blog:

1) Keep it clean, no swearing... etc.

2) It's ok to be critical of something, but don't go overboard. "This pokémon is horrible and should never see the light of day" is overboard. Simply saying it isn't commonly used, or is generally considered rather weak is a better way to say it.

3) As editor I may edit your grammar or spellcheck your writing. If your article is offensive I will delete it.. and you.. from Team KO.

Do you want to become part of Team Knockout as a staff writer? If so, email me a short article you would like to see posted on TKO at (before Feb 1st please). If it's good, I will add you as a writer and you can post it yourself! There are currently five, four three positions open.

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