Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black and White English Names Revealed!

After weeks of nothing of note to report I finally have something! The english names of the Black and White starters have been released! They are..

Snivy (Grass + Snake)
Tepig (Tepid + Pig)
Oshawott (Ocean + Water + Otter)

The region also got a name change from Isshu to Unova.

Of course, the pokémon community is an uproar.. which it almost constantly is when anything new is announced. Many people have a distaste for the new english names ( I generally don't care as I evolve/nickname my pokémon). The region name is also taking some flack, with some people complaining about such useless things like, "it's not two syllables like the other regions, therefore I hate it." I, again, don't really have a strong opinion about this.. but I do like the region isn't going to be called Isshu. I was willing to suck it up, but I didn't really like how it sounded too much like "Issue."

Rant if you must! For more info check out pokemonblackwhite.com.

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