Monday, October 4, 2010

Pokémon Battle Revolution Member Drive (FacebkTKO), and New Pokémon Ranger Game

In an attempt to drum up members, I've been battling on PBR under the name FacebkTKO. It's partially a Member Drive, partially an experiment to see if people can figure out that it means Facebook TKO and then search for TKO on Facebook (if the search for pokemon and tko, they will definately find us, I tested it). If they do, they should not only find the Team Knockout group, but also this site.

The chances are slim, but hey, worth a shot right? If you found this page by battling me online, then replay saying so! It'd be interesting to see if it works. I wish I could make my name longer. I would just make my name the url for the blog!

In addition, the new Pokémon Ranger game (Guardian Signs) came out today. If you buy it, there are 2 downloadable missions (download via wifi) already available. One lets you get a Deoxys and the other gets you a Manaphy egg. Both can be sent to your Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, or Soulsilver game. If you haven't bought it yet and own a Wii, a DS, and have WiFi connection, you can download a demo from the Nintendo Channel. (If you don't have the Nintendo Channel you can download that for from from the Wii Shop Channel.) The demo lets you try to catch a Mew, but this Mew can't be transferred to your other games. Oh well...

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